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Gravitron: Space Gyro

Tedco Toys Announces Re-release of Gravitron

TEDCO Toys, a nationwide manufacturer and distributor of science and educational toys, announced they have resumed manufacturing of their Gravitron after a four year absence. An interactive galactic action toy powered by a gyroscope, the Gravitron has been re-introduced due to popular demand. 

“The Gravitron was a top seller for many years but we ceased production in 2008 due to manufacturing challenges. We listened to our customers and have now improved our manufacturing processes and re-introduced the Gravitron,” said Jane Shadle, TEDCO Toys Vice-President. “Although the overall spaceship design has stayed the same, we have updated the colors and packaging to be more contemporary and attractive to kids.”

The Gravitron is a gyroscope that demonstrates the scientific principles of Newton’s laws of motion, gyroscopic balance and center of gravity. Designed with a pull-through T-handle that makes it easy for even small children to use, the Gravitron looks like a spaceship and comes in green and orange. The Gravitron’s ability to defy gravity allows children to perform amazing tricks while exploring science. The Gravitron stimulates auditory and tactile senses, making it a wonderful toy for children on the autism spectrum.  

My son is a physics nerd. I’ll admit it. The Gravitron is the perfect toy for him! I had to help him set it up (going to the TedcoToys youtube link below helped immensely). Once he got the hang of it, he was using any and every type of surface to practice keeping his Gravitron spinning. We even used his old BeyBlade arena to see how the Gravitron would handle the indentations in the arena. The Gravitron won over the BeyBlade! Now my son is hooked on using the Gravitron to show his friends how he can do “magic.” Lol! Whatever he wants to call it, he loves it! When it comes to any toy, especially an educational toy, that’s really all a parent wants for their child! I highly recommend the Gravitron!

The Gravitron retails for $8.50 and comes with a T-handle, pedestal and instructions for performing gravity-defying tricks. It is available on a peggable hang card or in a styrene box and is currently available through TedcoToys link below or other Tedco distributors.

Ages 5+ with adult assistance. 




 Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark 

TIME Home Entertainment, Inc has teamed up with Discovery Channel to create

Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark

This is a book full of captivating photos and the coolest facts about the world’s most astonishing and feared creatures. The book includes an introduction and special contributions from shark expert and marine biologist Andy Dehart, a regular contributor to Discovery’s popular week-long TV event, Shark Week.

This 192 page full-color book includes over 400 vivid photos and offers a wealth of information about the nearly 500 species of sharks. Sharkopedia is the ultimate comprehensive resource for shark fans of all ages and explains everything there is to know about these amazing underwater predators.  Its chapters dive into areas such as:

Shark Anatomy and Senses –Explore shark parts, skin, muscles, fins, gills, hearing, taste and touch.

Feeding Habits – What’s the name of the shark that takes small, cookie shaped bites out of its prey?

Record Breakers – Which shark can live over 200 years?

Shark Behavior – Do sharks sleep?

Shark Conservation – Rather than being afraid of sharks, people should be afraid for sharks, as their populations are seriously threatened. Scientists, legislators and advocates—people who love sharks—are working to protect sharks in many ways.

In addition, Sharkopedia is filled with information about some of the most infamous sharks, including the Great White, Bull and Tiger. Learn about the two fastest-swimming sharks, how some sharks get their teeth cleaned, and why tiger sharks are known as “garbage guts.” Readers will get a close-up look at what makes sharks the most fearsome hunters in the ocean, read about the Great White “Ring of Death,” and much more.

My son loves sharks! He has a whole array of books about sharks, 3D shark models, plastic play sharks…you could say he’s a “Sharkoholic!” When I presented him with this book, he went wild! He needs to read a certain number of pages each night for school. He has been reading and discussing all about sharks for weeks, now! Did you know that there is a “Wobbegong” Shark? Well, there is! He looks pretty “wobbegong” too! They are quite tenacious as well. See, you learned something new already! My son wants to bring this book to sleepaway camp to show it to his Cabinmates. Why not? If it fits into his duffle, it can go! I highly recommend this book for shark lovers or anyone who wants to learn a little more about this fascinating species!

“New advances in technology have allowed scientists to learn a great deal about sharks and one thing is abundantly clear – sharks are not the mindless monsters of the deep that many thought them to be,” said Dehart. “Whether you are fascinated or frightened by sharks, Sharkopedia showcases these amazing animals and allows us to captivate audiences year round outside of the water.” 

Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark

Time Home Entertainment Inc. and Discovery Channel

Price: $19.95 US is available at and wherever books are sold.






[YO]² – ACTIVE PEOPLE has been the leading yo-yo specialist in Europe for almost two decades, offering a wide range of yo-yos and accessories for all styles and proficiency levels as well as learning tools like books, videos and the new player community. In 2010 the [YO]² line added some exciting additions:

The new [YO]² TRIPLE MOON features the same Switch Technology as the popular [YO]² TRIPLE ACTION in a slim, elegant new design that feels great in you hand and perfectly fits in your pocket. [YO]² MIRAGE is a futuristic ballbearing yo-yo. A set of steel balls can be inserted to change the weight and playing behavior of the yo-yo, giving the player complete control.

My son, the yo-yo enthusiast, has been having so much fun with this incredible yo-yo! After watching the youtube video (see below) and following the instructions that came with the yo-yo, my son was showing off all the yo-yo moves: Fixed Axle, Auto Return and Free Spin! If your child is a yo-yo fan, you need to check out these awesome yo-yos! They are way more than just “child’s play!”

All [YO]² yo-yos are manufactured to the highest standards in materials and YO-technology. The bodies are made of durable Polycarbonate, the same material that is used for bulletproof glass.

Step by step instructions to the Art of yo-yo and demos videos are available for free in the learning section of the “Ap Club” on the website:

Visit to see their wide selection of state-of-the-art yo-yos! 

Prices vary depending on yo-yo.

See the Triple Moon Yo-Yo in action! 



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