More Random Thoughts of a Mom’s Mind by Sharon O’Donnell

Several weeks ago, I posted some of the random thoughts that go through my mind because I knew that similar thoughts probably run through your minds. Today, I’m sharing some more:

– What’s with the movies where the beautiful girl falls in love with the ugly guy? Why is it never the other way around? Forget Beauty and the Beast – I’m waiting to see The Hunk and the Hag.

– Yep, there comes a time in life when you swallow your vanity and go ahead and buy the bathing suit with the skirt. Though I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

– I’m not sure why the “Door Ajar” light has been on in my car the past 2 and a half years.

– If women want to take over the world, all we have to do is get rid of all the ketchup and then men would die off . . . one by one.

– If your arm happens to be propped beside your car window when you drive off, the automatic door locks can pinch the crap out of your arm fat.

– There’s got to be a can of cream of mushroom soup somewhere in this damn pantry.

– Why is it that daughters go on Facebook and compliment their moms with comments like “Great pic of you, Mom!” or “You’re the greatest mom” while sons don’t even acknowledge we are alive?

– Sure — Presidents, world leaders, and Elvis are all great. But when is the inventor of the epidural going to be honored on a postage stamp?

– Sometimes my goal in life is simply not to be the last car in the school carpool line.

– Why does Martina McBride’s hit song, “This is For the Girls,” end the way it does? She sings about the struggles of peer pressure at 13, of chasing your dreams and saving pennies at 25, and of worrying about wrinkles at age 42. But then the song ends. As if that’s it, life’s done. Martina, I beg you, don’t stop at 42 — add at least one other verse to this song. Maybe about how terrific it is to be sixty and sexy and done with your periods.

– Don’t ya just hate it when you lose your motivation for a cleaning project right in the middle of it?

– How many times have I had to go through the trashcan to find something?

– When someone does your kid wrong, it’s amazing what it does to a normally calm person.

– What’s with those damn paper things women have to wear as a ‘gown’ at the gynecologist. How did it get to this point? Did the people at the paper towel place simply say, “We have an overstock of paper towel material here. Hey, why don’t we make something out of it that women can wear at the OBGYN?”

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  1. One Response to “More Random Thoughts of a Mom’s Mind by Sharon O’Donnell”

  2. Great list, Sharon! I agree that “This is for the Girls” definitely needs another line! My son HATES to be the last one picked up from school, so I agree with you on that one! I have a slightly different car light situation, though…my glove compartment won’t close securely so you can see the light streaming out of the glove compartment from the moment you turn the car on until you turn it off. You would think the darn lightbulb would have burned out by now!! And don’t mess with my kid…Tween or not! An incident happened today with name calling which became nasty. My friend’s son came up to us and asked us to intervene. I assertively went over to the father of this boy with my friend and we modeled for our kids what to do in a situation such as this. Problem resolved. Don’t mess with THIS mother hen!!

    By Cara Meyers on Aug 25, 2013