Motherhood Later Giveaway — Games from ThinkFun

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In this twist on the classic Peg Solitaire game, you leap one frog over another, removing frogs until only the red frog remains. Set up the board according to a challenge card, then find the right sequence to remove all the frogs except the red one. Ages 8+.

LastL-1525-LoResSpillLast Letter™
Race to come up with a word that is pictured on one of the cards in your hand. Your word must begin with the last letter of the word previously called. Call your word first to discard a card. Be the first player to get rid of your cards and you win!  Ages 8+.

movegrooveMove & Groove™
The perfect first game for toddlers! Designed to inspire movement, creativity, laughter and learning, it’s a fun way to introduce the basics of game play and the joy of movement. Toss the plush cube to determine color, choose a matching colored card and perform the given move. There’s no right or wrong way to boogie—so players can use their imagination while improving balance, coordination and flexibility. Ages 18 months +.

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