Moving, Maturing and Making New Friends by Dina Ramon

When life throws you not one, but a bunch of curve balls at once, something has to give. Between a major move, grieving the loss of a stepfather, and the self-centered shock of turning 50, I found no time or motivation to write about anything. But I have pulled it together – one day at a time – and am happy to be back. It’s been a three-month blur of settling in to our new home. After 10 years in the same house, in the same town, we returned to the city where my husband and I grew up and then met years later. But even with the advantage of moving to familiar territory, throw in the sensitivity of a child who is leaving her friends, her school, and is resistant to change, and even a seasoned mover like me felt challenged. I admit, I was rusty with the moving thing. The whole process felt like I was pushing a mountain. Of course, being a mom, my first and pretty much only concern was getting my daughter adjusted and being at the ready to pounce into protective action at the first sign of unhappiness or problems. But right off the bat she thrived. She had several playdates the first couple of weeks of school, she liked her teacher, and could handle her class assignments. I was thrilled of course but also cautiously optimistic; expecting the other shoe to drop, and of course it did. First it was other kids who weren’t nice to her, the ‘new kid.’  Then it was conflicts with her new bestie friend who was hot and cold with her attention. The complaints became more frequent and walks home from school were tearful. It broke my heart but I also knew it was an opportunity for her to learn how to navigate difficult personalities, and how friendships can be tried and tested. Things improved but it wasn’t until recently when she said she wanted to show me what she had written in her journal that I felt we had turned the corner. What I read was this: ‘I get A+ B+ in school I have lots of friends I have experienced new things like moving away from my friends but it still has been fun doing so many cool, fun, unique, different things. Like going to a Halloween party and having new awesome playdates and Going to a fair with some bouncy rides! There are Things in life that can change but they still be different and fun! I like to read play Sports and my favorite animal is a dolphfin. I will have a great future as my wonderful Life goes on. I stand up for my self when big kids try to push me down. Try to treat others The way you want to be treated. I have learned new things in life like taking care of my Self and being there for my friends at bad and good times!.. Of course there will be other obstacles to overcome but for now, I am confident that we made the right move.

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