My Boy’s Going to be a Husband! by Sharon O’Donnell

I haven’t posted since July. Lots of changes. My youngest son started his senior year of high school in August and then began the college application process. He’s been accepted into several wonderful colleges and is looking forward to the decision process over the next few months. My mother-in-law passed away in late September, which was a very sad time for us all. We did enjoy seeing all the relatives whom we rarely get a chance to see who came for the funeral. I had a nephew get married in October, and it was a blast celebrating with him.

On the day after Christmas, my husband, youngest son, and I will leave for Denver, CO for a quick trip and to meet my oldest son out there with his girlfriend and her family. My oldest and his girlfriend leave in DC but are in Colorado visiting her family for Christmas, and we will go out to meet her parents and siblings for the first time. Can’t wait!

And my middle son . . . the one who suffered from bouts of severe anxiety in high school and college . . . well, he just passed the third of four parts of the CPA exam — and on Saturday night he proposed to his girlfriend of 9 years!!!  They started dating as sophomores in high school, dated throughout college, and grad school (she is in the second year of a five year PhD pharmacology program at UVA).  He proposed to her in the hallway of their old high school by the lockers where he first asked her out. Had tealights lining the hall, other candles and flowers, pictures of them taped to the lockers, and a star pattern projected on the ceiling. She said yes!

My little boy is getting married. I couldn’t be happier about the person he chose — or rather that God led him to. They have been there for each other through the years in good times and bad, and I know they truly and deeply love each other. I’ve seen their love develop and grow.

I just hope the engagement period is a lot shorter than the dating period.

He wanted the proposal at the high school to be just the two of them, and then later they met family and friends in a private room at a local restaurant to celebrate with drinks and appetizers. So they were alone when he popped the question. Yet, the school custodian was in the hallways and managed to snap a few photos. Kudos to the custodian!!

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