My Mommy Briefcase

I originally posted this on the Working Woman blog but thought it would be fun to have here as well!

When I was single, I used to have those embarrassing moments when I’d reach into my overstuffed purse for a pen during a client meeting and out comes a slew of tampons. Now that I’m a mommy, the fallout tends to be diapers and sippy cup. Not as embarrassing but still not so professional. I’ve been feeling like I need a Mommy Briefcase.

Okay, I’m using the term “Mommy Briefcase” loosely. I don’t know about you, but I’m not really one to carry a briefcase. I’m more into the “everything bag,” a canvas or nylon sack where I just toss everything into it. Not very professional. So I decided to find an attractive bag that I could carry to client meetings that didn’t look like a bag lady’s accessory.

I found a great compartmentalized bag from SkipHop that could also serve the dual purpose of professional looking purse and stand-in diaper bag so I wouldn’t have to carry my bag and a diaper bag whenever I had baby in tow.

The bag is great, however, I somehow manage to overstuff it just the same – the only difference now is that everything is stuffed into its own compartment.

So what do I have in my Mommy Bag? Let’s see…

1. Several pens – you can never have too many pens

2. Spiral notebook – to take notes at client meetings

3. Wallet – overstuffed, mind you

4. Envelope of coupons – I hated forgetting my coupons every time I went to the store

5. Digital camera – never know when baby is going to do something cute

6. Two cell phones – one for long distance calls, one for local (don’t ask)

7. Terralina lotion – my new favorite lotion, unscented

8. Bobbie Brown lip color – a lovely neutral brown shade

9. Two spare diapers – in their own compartment, mind you

10. Baggie of diaper wipes

11. Pacifier

12. Two small plastic giraffes

13. Sippy cup with water

14. Baggie with Puffins cereal

15. Rubber duck

16. Anti bacterial spray

What’s in YOUR Mommy Bag?