My Son, the Roblox Fan by Robin Gorman Newman

sethcakerobloxMy son just turned 11, and he’s a huge Roblox fan.

For his birthday, we got him an iPad mini…and whether on there or his Apple laptop….given any spare moment….we know how he’ll be spending his downtime.

So, when it came to his birthday party this year, it was a no-brainer to make it a Roblox theme.

robloxcakeI couldn’t find any Roblox theme cake at local supermarkets….so I took to Etsy on the internet and ordered an edible custom cake topper.  It cracked when I went to put it on top of the cake, but still looked cool.

robloxposterrobloxposter2 robloxposter3 robloxposter4I hung Roblox posters in our basement, and bought red plates/cups/napkins…and voila….our basement became a Roblox hangout for 9 kids who enjoyed cake and a sleepover.

It was fun putting all the pieces together, and the boys had a blast.

The years go so fast.  Hard to believe that there’s just one more year before my son becomes a teenager.  I want to hold onto to his youth, and I do my best to make memories we will all treasure.


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  2. Awesome looking party theme!!!

    By Cara Meyers on Mar 14, 2014