Nearing the Finish Line! One Obstacle Overcome and Another New One Right Around the Corner by Jean Marie Keenan-Johnston

Today I had a full, productive day.  After a few days of total, run-around-like-a-chicken-without-a-head kind of busy, chaotic stress, today was finally a pleasant combination of getting much-needed work done and fun times with my daughters all in the same day!  That’s the best reason I have for why I have such a short post today and so late (anyone who has read my posts before knows I’m as wordy with my blog posts as I am in face to face conversations).  Don’t get me wrong…Friday, June 6 is our LAST day of Kindergarten, and there is still a lot of work to do.  And because of that I’m stressed out of my bloody mind!  But I made an executive decision…we had an errand to run late this afternoon, and instead of rushing home to fit in school work from dinner to bedtime like we have been as we work to catch up, we enjoyed dinner outside.  The girls asked to sit under our only tree, so we found ourselves eating on a picnic blanket out on the front lawn.  Then I was surprised…I got a TON done in just a few hours!  The girls helped me finish putting together our greenhouse kit (don’t get too impressed!  It was only the third or fourth time out there trying to manage the instructions and assembling something with my fibromyalgia when there’s only pictures and a bunch of lettered and numbered parts, and it’s not really finished since it needs the vinyl covering still.  But it’s now full of plants so I feel good about that!)  We put all the plants in together, took a few photos showing off our accomplishment, and came inside to immerse ourselves in Kindergarten Language Arts.  My girls went to bed EXTREMELY late, but I am proud to say that not only did we get our last writing sample of the school year completed (she has one assigned to turn in each month), we also got her end-of-year math assessment done!  (which was a breeze since it was Kindergarten math and she’s been learning first grade math since March).  

Can I breathe easy yet? No…like I said, we still have a ton to do during this last week.  Of course, there’s a medical appointment scheduled every day of the week between them and me!  I have stuff to still buy for my oldest’s recital in time for pictures next Sunday!  My mom offered to come help me get the clutter in this house under control next week, the pharmacy screwed up my medication when they told me they could order it for me, and in an effort to try to raise money for all the dance expenses that have cropped up we’re having a yard sale in two weeks! So, to put it lightly, I’m a bit frazzled!  But like I said, I’m happy to say we’re nearing the finish line and before I know it, we’ll be starting first grade.  I’m so proud of my daughter…it’s been such a joy to watch her soar through Kindergarten, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for her throughout the years to come.  I’m excited to have fewer responsibilities as summer starts for us…I’m really hoping to make a new start for us with our health, the house, basically speaking – the chaos we call our lives.  So in posts to come I’ll be able to share those accomplishments (hopefully) with you.  Come next Sunday, I know I’ll be less worried, less stressed, more rested and more excited – all feelings I’ve been looking forward to for many months now that will push me in the right direction to make all the changes I’ve been looking forward to for even longer.