New Year Wishes For My Fellow Mothers By Catrina Chatelain

May the New Year bring you many nights of uninterrupted sleep.


May your toddler finally get the hang of the potty situation.


May the lingering 10lbs (let’s be real- 20lbs) from your last pregnancy magically dissolve.


May your mother-in-law lose your phone number – but find it right in time to take the kids for a weekend.


May your 10 year old finally understand adding unlike fractions…

   And that your seven year old learn to tie their shoelaces…

     And that your husband figures out how to give the kids baths without flooding the



May you find the perfect pair of stilettos that make your ankles look thinner and can be tolerated for longer than the stroll from the car to the restaurant.


May you get your groove back…

  And your sexy back…

    And exhale already.


May you know the magic of a day alone to lounge around in yoga pants and a sports bra, reading celebrity gossip magazines, eating whatever you’d like without worrying about having to pick anyone up from daycare, school, soccer practice, etc.


May you know at least 3 of the previously mentioned days throughout the year.


May you experience the ultimate joy of the first time your baby says, “Love you, Mama.”


May you revel in the excitement of a positive pregnancy test.


May you happily observe the end of your baby-making years (now you just have to cultivate them!)


May you spend an evening or two, or three out on the porch, with a toddler propped on your knee while you both serenade the moon with newly learned lyrics to a Beetles song.


May you notice how blue a blue sky actually is.


May you stop often to laud yourself for a job well done.


May you remember that the next moment is promised to none, so live fully in the one present.


May someone call you a “good mother”, and you humbly agree.


May you and yours have a happy, healthy, prosperous, safe, LOVE-FILLED New Year.




  1. 2 Responses to “New Year Wishes For My Fellow Mothers By Catrina Chatelain”

  2. ‘May you experience the ultimate joy of the first time your baby says, “Love you, Mama.”’

    Yes! Looking forward to this. Happy new year to you and yours, Catrina!

    By Heather Bowles on Jan 2, 2013

  3. Wonderful post, Catrina! One exception, though, neither our children nor us will ever understand “unlike fractions!” Happy New Year!

    By Cara Potapshyn Meyers on Jan 2, 2013