Not Again?!?!?!?! By Ali Skylar

CHARACTERS:  Ali, mom, and Chaz, her 21 year old son

SETTING:  Ali and Chaz talking on the phone

CHAZ:  So mom, good news, I can def take the flight tomorrow at 2:15. Get home a week earlier for Thanksgiving.

ALI: Yay!  Work let you out?

CHAZ: Yep, I’m good to go.

ALI: Okay, let me go change the initial reservation for next week and I’ll call you back once it’s confirmed.

CHAZ: Okay, bye.

They hang up, Ali makes the new reservation, and 30 minutes later calls Chaz back with the details.

ALI: Okay, love so here’s the new….

Chaz interrupts.

CHAZ:  So mom, bad news.  

ALI:  Oh shit, let me guess.

CHAZ:  Yep, it happened again.


CHAZ:  Look it’s been 5 months and I’ve hung onto all of my important stuff.  But of course, the night before I’m flying I can’t find my driver’s license.

ALI: You gotta be kidding me dude!

CHAZ:  Mom, I looked all over for it everywhere three times.  I checked my car, my laundry, my pants, my mattress, my wallet, my…

ALI:  Gotcha hon.  You checked everything.

CHAZ:  It sucks.

ALI: OMG what is it with you and flying? This is the third time this has happened.

CHAZ: I know mom, I feel terrible.

ALI: I guess we just need to laugh this off and just figure out how to get your butt home tomorrow.  

CHAZ:  At least we know from past experience that I have a good chance of getting on the plane since they’ve let me do it before.  I mean, people lose things right?

ALI:  Not three times before flights!  And it’s COVID so they’re really strict right now.

CHAZ:  I’m special tho mom…:)

ALI:  Yes, yes, I know, you’re special. But Chaz, again?!?!?!?!

CHAZ:  I’ll call you right before I board the plane tomorrow.  Promise.

ALI:  Great.  I guess it’s time to pray to the plane angels for the next 12 hours. Fingers crossed and speak to you then love.

Next day, 10 minutes before the flight is about to take off, Ali still has not heard from Chaz (and of course she’s texted a couple of times, but not too many times to be an annoying mom). As a result of age, experience and now much better at staying calm in crazy situations, Ali does a quick little prayer and goes back to work.  5 Minutes before the fight’s about to depart, the phone rings…

CHAZ: (calmly) Hey Mom.

ALI:(calmly and VERY RELIEVED) So good news or bad news?

CHAZ:  I made the flight with 16 seconds left to spare. The crew was so funny. While I’m racing to the boarding gate, they were waving and yelling at me, encouraging me to hurry up as they didn’t want me to miss the plane.  Maine people are just so friggin’ nice.

ALI:  Didn’t you get to the airport 2 hours before like I suggested?

CHAZ:  Mom, I was getting my haircut and this girl is just so nice and gives me such great haircuts I didn’t want to rush her.

ALI: You’re killing me Chaz. I just hope then that she did a good job.

CHAZ:  She’s great. And it’s only $20 for the haircut – but I tip her $20 as well. You always taught me to be generous right?

ALI: Generous, yes, but also not to give your mom a heart attack by almost missing a flight!

CHAZ:  It’s all good mom.  I got faith and know the universe has my back.  Remember, you taught me that too?

ALI:  Oye.

CHAZ:  So mom, good news!  I love you and will see you tonight…:)


  1. One Response to “Not Again?!?!?!?! By Ali Skylar”

  2. What a great story! Proves once again, that worrying is futile!
    The Universe has your back too, mom!
    : )

    By Carla on Nov 24, 2020