Not Enough Hours in the Day by Margaret Hart

Sometimes, being a mom means accepting the fact that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get things done.

As someone who prides herself on being well organized, and managing her time well, I have run out of hours this week—and it’s only Tuesday! I have numerous emails to write and respond to, paperwork and receipts to organize, telephone calls to make, appointments to schedule and appointments to keep, press releases to write for a client, tutoring at my son’s school, and a multitude of tasks that need attention on my never-ending list of chores at home, like laundry.

Today, with relatively few high priorities, I decided to tackle as much as I could after morning appointments, and knock off several items on my to-do list. The afternoon started off well, but as the 3:00 pm hour approached, and my son got off the bus, all my best intentions went out the window. He needed help with a major homework assignment. He was frustrated, and he became my high priority.  Two hours later…

By the time homework was finished, he was hungry. Didn’t matter that he ate three snacks when he got home. Apparently all the energy expended working on the homework caused an appetite. That put the kibosh on the few emails I had hoped to sneak in before dinner.

Like many days, today started off with great expectations of getting a lot done, but very little was accomplished. Or because I demand a lot from myself, at least it feels that way.  But I’m not beating myself up. My attitude toward getting things done changed when I became a mom, especially a later mom, and I now accept that there just aren’t enough hours in the day, and that’s okay. And I move on.

It’s time to go make dinner, because my eight-year-old can’t cook!

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