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daokta - black-5If you’re like me, I’m always on the hunt for a warm yet cool-looking winter hat.  I never think I look great in a hat, so when I manage to find one that does the job and looks fashionable, I’m thrilled.  The Dakota hat by Nobis lives up to that!  Made of Wool/Acrylic, it’s a great find. It’s a fully-fashioned hand-knit cap with a cable texture and moss stitch belt/band. It features Nobis custom metal button detailing, soft thermal fleece under-banding, and Nobis metal bar branding. It is cute and cushy, and I love the detailing.  Click HERE to visit Nobis.  They offer a wide array of hats and outerwear and accessories.  Check out their Philosophy, as featured on their site (love this!)….. Philosophy: Our focus is to be truly awesome in all we encounter. Rock it because you can. Live it because you have one shot at life. Share your passion. Have no regrets. Set yourself apart from the everyday norm and veer away from mass trends. Know that we are all unique, for strength lies in differences, not similarities. Live curiously, think what nobody has thought, know who you are, and know what you want. This is Nobis.


Ricefield Collective, a handmade knitwear company that launched with a highly successful Kickstarter campaign last spring, has taught Philippine indigenous women how to make hats and scarves conceived by knitwear designers from the U.S. and Europe. These are indigenous women, many of whom would otherwise leave their country to work abroad and help provide for their family.

The company recently opened its permanent online store at www.ricefield.co, where it features its Winter Woven collection hand made by the 25  knitters that Ricefield currently employs. Ricefield’s knitters go through an extensive training process, allowing them to produce intricate work that cannot be replicated by current machines. This results in high quality, one of a kind products that can compete with brand names in the U.S. and Europe, but also directly improve the lives of the women who make them.

Pictured is the Spiral Slouchy hat in Charcoal. It comes in various colors, and the company also makes neckwear and gloves.

I like the idea of buying products that “do good,” and the quality of the workmanship is good as well.  The hat is comfortable, stretchy, warm, and ideal for larger heads.


mypillowYou’ve probably seen commercials for this on television.  I have long wondered what it’s like…..especially since of late, I’m not sleeping all that well…being in the throes of peri-menopause.  That said, I jumped at the opportunity to sample MyPillow, and I’m glad I did.  I’ve always been a highly discerning pillow person…not easy to please.  It’s 100% non-allergenic and machine washable and durable,  When MyPillow arrived, it looked fairly flat and was rolled up, and I must admit I wondered how could this possibly morph into a pillow that might meet my standards?! It did. Visit   http://www.mypillow.com/mypillow-infomercial.html.


MyPillow conforms to your shape — features a patented 3-piece interlocking fill that gently cradles your head and neck.  It maintains its shape the way you like it all night long.  It had a good amount of fullness without being too poofy, and while it conformed to my head, it didn’t overly sink in.  They offer a 60 night guarantee, and a 10 year warranty on their pillows.  They also sell MyPillow® Topper and MyPillow® for Pets Pillow. 


perfectpollyI’m a huge bird lover!  I grew up with parakeets as pets, and we now have a pet cockatiel named Smokey.   So, when I learned of Perfect Polly, I had to check this out.

To say it’s cute, is an understatement. My son loves it, and I’m hoping my bird does too since we have it near his cage.  It’s motion activated, so when you go hear it, the plastic green/yellow parakeeet rotates it’s head and chirps.  It runs on batteries that are easy to install (a small screwdriver is required that you have to supply).

If you love birds, but don’t want to hassle with cleaning a bird cage….Perfect Polly is here for you.  And, it makes for a fun gift!  Visit http://www.perfectpollypet.com.







 greatkitchensecretsbookI try to cook when time permits, but I must admit, it’s not something I love. I’d rather be many places than spending time in the kitchen.  Enter GREAT KITCHEN SECRETS by Chef Tony Notaro.  This book is a virtual bible that makes  for a staple in any kitchen. Visit http://www.greatkitchensecrets.com.  Watch Chef Tony HERE discussing his book.  He offers over 5,000 money saving tips, facts, techniques & quick fixes. Things like how to take the acid out of tomato sauce, why you should alwayscbook your turkey upside down (who knew?!) , how to make old coffee new, how to perk up soggy greens, how to tell the age of your eggs….etc….etc….etc….you get the idea.



Note: Thanks to the featured companies for providing product samples.

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