PICKS: Discoveries for Mom & Kids by Robin Gorman Newman

Emeshel X&Y are hand crafted fragrances that simulate the power of attraction between a man and a woman.  After being sold in Europe, Emeshel recently debuted its first fragrances for women and men in the United States.

World-renowned perfumer Dominique Preyssas created the luxurious fragrance for women, Emeshel X.  It is a delicate balance of femininity and power.  Other perfumes created by Dominique include Balenciaga, Bogart, Jaguar, Gant and Nicole Farhi.

Sensual and provocative, Emeshel X is a fresh, oriental, smooth, floral fragrance evoking a sublime powdery rose. Top notes are Neroli, Petit Grain and Peach, mixed with aromas of rose, jasmine, orange blossom and osmanthas.  It also contains amber, patchouli, santal and musk.  It is alluring and makes a statement.  I wore it to the gym one night, and it turned heads.  More than one person asked why I smelled so good?  I’m a huge fragrance fan, and enjoy fragrance even when I workout. The scent is long-lasting, and works whether you’re being casual or dressed to the nines.  Whether you’re single or married, the men in your life will take note.

Emeshel X is housed in an elegant, blown glass bottle that looks beautiful adorning any shelf or countertop. The striking white bottle is made with the highest quality glass at the world-renowned Bormioli Glass Factory in Parma, Italy.

Emeshel X is a class act all the way!


Nuu-Muus dresses are easy care and easy wear which makes them a fun and practical go-to garment in any wardrobe. Their no-fuss, sleeveless, stretchy dresses are flattering and friendly and crafted for comfort. 

Nuu-Muus are perfect for travel, great at the beach and appealing enough for lunch or  dinner out.  Available in 15 designs and two options (with or without pockets). Made in the USA with recyclable packaging and tags.  Available in women and girl’s sizes.

These dresses are adorable!  Fun splashy patterns…..and practical solids.  You can layer it up over bike shorts, tights, yoga pants, swimwear….etc.  Or wear them on their own.  They pack and wash well, and can even be rolled up and tossed into a tote bag for a day on the go.  Throw on a cardigan or shawl, and they can take you from day to night. 

Perfect for the mom who wants to look effortlessly stylish!

Nuu-Muu is proud to support non-profit organizations dedicated to the health and well-being of women and girls, including Girls on the Run, a non-profit that encourages pre-teen girls to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles through running and service.

Nuu-Muu is a member of 1% for the Planet, doing their part to “keep Earth in business.”


For over 15 years, Cellnique has been delivering result-driven skin care science and products to help women attain the vibrant, confident and healthy lifestyles they deserve.

I had the opportunity to sample two of their products, and they were delectable to the touch and smell.  I was not familiar with the line, and was pleased with the feel and results….and the wide choice of products.

Reversal Platinum Cream

This age-defying cream helps decelerate aging signs by deeply nourishing skin and sealing moisture in. Its Nano-Platinum powder works well to enhance the cellular healing process while Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 contained in this cream softens wrinkles. With the additional multiple essential amino acids that provide hydration, Reversal Platinum Cream brings about a rejuvenated state with an improved elasticity and softness.

For all skin types, aging skin, from 30 years old and above.  The cream was lush and velvety, and I applied it religiously for a week (still using it) and like the texture of my skin.


• Prevents and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Provides a firming and lifting effect
• Nourishes and hydrates skin
• Improves the elasticity of skin

Provides a firming and lifting effect.  Anti allergic.  Anti skin irritation.

This eye cream rejuvenates the eye zone and prolongs the cellular life span. It contains extracellular matrix-derived peptides to promote the neosynthesis of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid. Formulated with Placenta Extract to nourish and soothe the skin, Contour Reversal Cream reduces the depth of wrinkles, diminishes dark circles and gives the eye contour a natural lift.

Best for aging skin with wrinkles and fine lines, 30 years old and above.  The packaging is unique and very portable.  The cream is fragrant and fresh, and it’s perfect for travel or to toss into your handbag or tote.  Smooth to the touch, this has since become one of my eye care staples.


• Prevents and reduces fine lines and wrinkles
• Provides a firming and lifting effect
• Nourishes and hydrates skin & calms down irritation around the eyes
• Antioxidant


Poly Rollee Magic Glueing Roller instantly makes any plastic film or any plastic film with paper on top temporarily adhere to any wall.  No mess…no marks…no traces!

This is a super cool product that any parent or kid would love.  Hang posters.  Decorate for a party.  Hang photos or artwork.  The possibilities are endless…and it’s super easy and fun.

The polyethylene film or the film with paper on top will stay on wall for days, weeks, and even months. When you no longer want it – just pull it off to remove. If you want it for longer – just roll some more charge on it.

Young children, who just start their artistic careers, will be very proud seeing their artwork being displayed all around the house.

Sold in two packages…..with boy and girl appeal.

My son is about to turn 10….and I used this to decorate the walls of our basement for his celebratory sleepover with friends.  No doubt it will be a huge hit!

Click HERE to watch how the product works.


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