PINOCCHIO: Family Show Review by Harlem Mommyrific

pinocchionewvictory Pinocchio was not who I expected.

I had the benign, completely soft Disney version of the wooden boy from the Carlo Callodi classic in my head as I prepared for this show. He was to be sweet and likeable. Not this guy.

Though lovingly carved from wood by Geppetto, his presumed father, Pinocchio almost immediately becomes troublesome. He tantrums often and bullies his classmates. And, of course, he lies – big time – which makes his nose creepily stretch outward.

He runs away in hope of material gain and and to become a real boy. He meets then joins two new friends, Foxy and Kitty Poo, who are en route to Playland. Despite its fun name, Playland, however, is a trap designed by greedy local businessman Stromboli to capture and exploit Pinocchio.

The three manage to escape and Pino sets out to sea to reunite with Geppetto, who is on a boat at sea looking for him.

Do they live happily ever after? You’ll have to get to the New Victory Theater in New York City’s Times Square to find out. The production is delighting the Big Apple after a successful run at the Sydney Opera House. Its cast is also teeming with Australia’s top musical theater talent.

My son and I quite liked the set and psychedelic feel throughout its two-hour run time.  It’s recommended for ages 7 and up.

This groovy rock musical runs through Sunday, March 22.  Tickets for the show at The New Victory Theater (209 West 42nd Street) are $10, $13, $18 or $25 for members based on seat locations, with full price tickets starting at $15.  Purchase tickets online or by phone at 646-223-3010.  Visit

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