Prayer, at the Lunch Counter By: Lori Loesch



I stopped for lunch.  I always say a blessing for my food, even when I’m out with my daughter.  She is not embarrassed by it, and I’m so glad.  It’s something I’ve always done, so it is normal to her.  

The dining room was deserted… good.  I can bow my head, say a pray of thanks, and not feel different.   Lately I feel awkward when I pray in a restaurant.  I don’t even want to admit that.  It’s not as comfortable to pray as it used to be.  What’s changed?  

This is the first time in my life that I am aware that praying to God could cost me my life.  If I pray in a country where Isis has taken control, my life is over as I know it.  I will not bow to another god, so “Off with her head!”  Twenty years ago, when I would hear the sermon about how we will be persecuted for God’s sake, I would think that I’ll never see that day.  I thought those days were well behind us.  People long ago lost their lives for God’s sake.  Missionaries lost their lives going into unknown tribes, but that was long ago.  

I guess for me, loosing my life for God,  would be the best way to die.  That is the ultimate sacrifice.  I never thought I’d see the day where an innocent man, looses his life, because he will not bow down to Ali.  I’ve seen it.  It is today. It is happening right now.  

I wonder if Isis is a real threat, or is it just another news run, until something else comes along?  I do not feel comfortable traveling, outside the United States.  Even after 911, we went to Mexico.  Many people canceled but I, my husband,  and 7 year old son, flew off to Mexico.  My husband rented to a Muslim family, twenty years ago.  When they went back to Saudi Arabia, for a visit, they brought us the most delicious dates I have ever tasted!   They had diplomatic immunity.  They wanted us to visit Saudi Arabia, when they had to go back.  They didn’t want to go back, but had no choice.  We never visited them.  We just started to feel uneasy about traveling to foreign countries.  

A few years ago, we rented to students from Turkey.  They said that it isn’t anything like what we were seeing on the news.  They said that, where they live, in Turkey, is a lot like State College, Pa.  There are no riots in the streets.  The news media can show us whatever they choose.  I’m quite disappointed that the world is headed in this extreme direction.  I would like to see all peoples accepting each other.  I’ve heard about an awakening that is taking place, or will there be a holy war?  

It’s sad to see people hurting, and not be able to offer a solution.  This fight has been going on for a very long time.  Why do people hate?  Why?  Only questions.




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  2. Thank you for being so candid and relevant. Blessings.

    By Elena Vo on Oct 2, 2014