Preserving Ever-Lasting Memories Beautifully by Robin Gorman Newman

 In 1993, Lou Mitchell opened the doors of The Continental Bronze Co. in San Dimas, CA. Lou had owned a plastic fabrication shop for over 30 years and had done quite a bit of work for trophy stores in that time. When he bought plating equipment to tinker with as a hobby, some trophy store customers found out and asked if he’d bronze shoes for them. Within a couple of years, Lou’s hobby grew into a small but steady side business, and he enlisted the help of his daughter, Annie, to create an image for the fledgling company and assist with business development. It was at that time they decided to change the name to The Bronzery and took a leap of faith by setting up a website on the newly emerging internet.

The business started to take off. Annie ultimately took over the company and with the help of her husband, worked together successfully to improve the quality of the plated finishes, created beautiful bases and began plating items other than baby shoes.

The Bronzery does beautiful work.  Their distinctive bronzed items make lovely gifts for new moms who want to keep their baby keepsakes for a lifetime.  They can do baby shoes, pacifiers, hand/feet imprints, and much more.  Even adult items like military and police memorabilia, sports keepsakes and knick knaks.  But, not surprisingly, it’s bronzed baby shoes that are their bestseller!

They are the only company in the United States that uses a unique process to metal plate the actual baby shoe in antique or bright bronze, pewter, silver and 24 karat gold.

I had the opportunity to have them bronze a pair of my son’s leather toddler shoes.   Left (below) is the before….and Right (below) is the finished product, mounted on a carved wooden base, along with a photo frame.  Also included is his name inscribed, birthstone and Zodiac symbol.

It looks like a work of art, and especially since his shoes were in somewhat shabby condition, now they are shiny and strong and ever-lasting.  Seth doesn’t recall wearing the shoes when he was little, but for my husband and I, seeing them displayed this way brings back fond memories.  The years fly by….Seth is now 9…..and I love that we know we have preserved this memory for all of us to enjoy.  It’s a great keepsake!

They can be reached at 909.305.8989 or via email

Visit The Bronzery.  To save 10%, use code MAMA10.

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Note: Thanks to The Bronzery for providing a product sample.

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  1. One Response to “Preserving Ever-Lasting Memories Beautifully by Robin Gorman Newman”

  2. Great way to preserve those memories of when your child’s shoe could fit in the palm of your hand! Seems like it would make excellent gifts for new moms or dads. Time really does fly!

    By Jennifer on Dec 7, 2012