Pure Mama Love by Ali Skylar

Sometimes I get triggered.

It pulls me down,

Down into the abyss of darkness.

I work to keep my energy high and clear,

But sometimes my mama heart just aches.

I ache to make it better, to put my arms around my child and make the yucky stuff go away as they birth into adulthood.

I know it’s my strength in staying connected to the pure love, that spark in all of us, that is needed and necessary to midwife the journey.

Pure love that radiates no matter how far into the abyss either our children or we go.

Pure love that creates courage, fortitude, and resilience.

Pure love that when enmeshed with parenting becomes Mama Love.

A love beyond pureness.

A love that is greater than pure.

A love that energizes and vitalizes, providing safe passage for our children traveling the journey toward adulthood.


Forever and ever and always.

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