Pushing Buttons

I didn’t plan to blog on this subject, but I need to vent at the moment.

It is never a dull moment as a parent….both good ‘n bad.

This morning, Seth went out with Marc to do errands, and they returned while I was taking a shower. Next thing I know, Seth is on the floor of my bathroom playing with the sliding bathroom door, and managed to pull it partially off the hinges. I know he’s just four years old, but it gets frustrating living with a person, despite their young age, who has no regard for things in their home.

I know he didn’t intentionally plan to break it, but the damage is done. And, Marc is as far from a handy man as you can get. So, what now? And, how much will this cost to fix?

I realize in the scheme of things, this incident is not a biggie, but it all adds up. Seth would surely not like it if I were to break his toys (not that I’d do that). Yet, this is not the first thing he’s wrecked in the house.

I think part of it is that I spend so much time at home since I work from here, that I like the house to have some sense of order. And, with a young child, all my “control” buttons get pushed re: my expectations of a home life/environment. Our living room is now his playspace. Our guest room became Seth’s bedroom. Believe me, I am grateful to have him in our lives. I just wish I didn’t feel like damage control has become one of my regular tasks.

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  2. Hope you feel better now!

    By Sang-Hee on Oct 11, 2007