Raw. by Liimu

Over time, I’ve given up everything – drinking, smoking, recreational drugs, serial dating, binge eating…So at a time like this, when everything is coming at me at once, I feel sort of…raw. Work is heating up, we are getting ready to go on a road trip to Florida with all four of our kids, our five year old is battling a nasty summer cold of some sort that has her battling a fever of nearly 104, and I am just…tired. A friend of mine who is very sweet and well-intentioned suggested I just give myself a break and not worry about eating healthy or exercise while I’m on vacation. Problem is, if I stop being vigilant, I could easily gain ten pounds in a week. So then I’ll be stressing about that on top of everything else. Instead, I am going to get up and do my INSANITY workout each day, get as much activity in as I can, and fill up on vegetables at every meal. I will feel so much better if I take care of myself on a deep level, rather than going for the instant gratification of binging on sugar and laying around like a lazy lump.

I’ll let you know how it goes. For now, I will just snuggle in bed and lick my wounds…rest…that’s what I need.

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