ROBIN’S PICKS & GIVEAWAYS: Easy, Fun Living for Moms & Kids

 Periodically when I stumble on something cool/new , I like to share. So, check out the following:


Silly Lips™ has launched a new line of natural lip balms with enriched ingredients like Shea butter and the purest essential oils.  They make your lips feel soft and smooth, and they come in a hip, sliding tin, with a sexy retro graphic.

Modeled after Silly Lips™ creator and founder Leila Larsen’s closest friends, Tracy, Bekah and Katie, the three lip balms embody the unique personalities of the different women. Bangin’ Bekah exudes a flirtatious energy and draws a crowd through sweet strawberry lips. While Kinky Katie, the ultimate temptress emits an irresistible pink shine that makes lips stunning and captivating. Tasty Tracy’s hint of peach coconut adds sheen to this exotic beauty whose love of the beach matches her sunny disposition and free spirit. Use all three balms as a moisturizing base or shinny topcoat to your favorite lipstick or gloss. Visit

Great gift for friends, or enjoy yourself!  My favorite scent is Bangin’ Bekah.  Even my son thought it smelled good…all the better to kiss him good-night.


  GGO is designed to be striking in appearance, form-flattering for every body-type and size range, and versatile enough for layering and to wear from the gym to the store and then out with mom pals.  My pick — the Long Legginghas a good fit and are lightweight. They can be worn during the day, for intense workouts, or out on the town.

 Using fibers from a wild-farmed bamboo in northern Vietnam, the fabrics are all naturally sustainable with a silk-like feel and great performance qualities.

A gal (mom) can never have enough leggings, and these are worth checking out. They make other comfortable and stylish apparel as well.



The first fitness DVD from the award-winning resort and wellness brand, Canyon Ranch: Strong & Sculpted on DVD from Acacia features three 20-minute workouts to firm and tone the entire body. For more than 30 years, people have journeyed to Canyon Ranch to enjoy wellness vacations. Now you can bring the Canyon Ranch experience home with these convenient workouts designed to support life-long health. The DVD includes an invigorating strength training workout, fluid yoga practice, and a powerful core workout to build agility and power while providing a sense of calm and balance, plus a bonus recipe booklet and three bonus segments sharing diet and wellness secrets from the upscale retreat’s health experts and renowned chef ($16.99; Approx. 79 min.;  This DVD is a great fitness choice for the busy mom who might not make it to the gym. I had the opportunity to visit Canyon Ranch in Tuscon, and it was a special experience I long to repeat.  This DVD is a perfect reminder. 

GIVEAWAY:  Want to win a DVD?  Tell us why, and a winner will be chosen on 5/15 and notified via email.


For 150 years combination locks have used numbers as a way of creating unique passcodes. Now, WordLock, Inc. brings you a fresh look at an old, entrenched category; Use Words, Not Numbers!

These innovative combination locks use words instead of numbers, so that you can choose a passcode that is easy for you to remember. And with up to 100,000 possible word combinations, you can personalize your code to a word that has meaning to you.

Visit to see the wide range of locks:  luggage, bike, padlocks, commercial locks, etc.

My son is having a blast with these!  Perfect for the kid on the go…less likely he’ll forget the combination when he gets to choose the word.  Perfect for when he enters high school and has a locker…and for his bike.

Very cool!  I use mine in the gym.



  Elite Models has introduced their global beauty and style into the world of fragrance with the debut of four fashionable scents!  They are: 


  • Paris Baby: Inspired by the city of love, Paris Baby is a romantic, feminine fragrance with a twist. .
  • London Queen: Just like London, London Queen pulsates with energy.  The overall experience excites and exhilarates the senses. 
  • New York Muse: Spray on New York Muse for a flavor of fast-moving life in the Big Apple. .
  • Rio Glam Girl: Capture the vibrant, celebratory spirit of Rio, home of the carnival, sun-kissed beaches and electric nights with Rio Glam Girl.

I’m a fragrance gal, and always love trying new scents.  My favorite is New York Muse, though they’re all provocative pick-me-ups for the mom on the move.  Visit

GIVEAWAY: Two lucky winners will each receive the fragrance of their choice. To enter, post a comment telling us which you’d want to win and why.  Winners will be chosen on 5/15 and notified via email.


Perigee has announced the publication of THE BOOK OF DOING: Everyday Activities to Unlock Your Creativity and Joy by Allison Arden.

THE BOOK OF DOING came out of Arden’s decision to start living life rather than just going through the motions. Approaching her fortieth birthday, Arden wondered whether she needed to leave her high profile job in order to find passion in life, or if she should continue with her day-to-day responsibilities (working and being a married mom) and just commit to figuring it all out eventually.

 Arden kept thinking about her childhood and how she loved arts and crafts. Even as an adult, simple creative tasks like decorating cupcakes with her daughter or going to a crafts store excited her. In THE BOOK OF DOING, she passionately encourages readers to do what they love most, create new ideas and engage with the world around them. She includes lots of  fun activities such as learning code, making a popsicle stick replica of your five favorite people, crafting something special out of a sentimental article of clothing and learning the meanings behind flower types and colors.

THE BOOK OF DOING is an inspiring guide for anyone looking to reawaken their senses and reclaim the serenity of doing more of the things they love.  Great gift for yourself or friends…and I loved sharing some of the activities with my son!  Visit

GIVEAWAY: Two lucky winners will each receive a copy of the book. To enter,post a comment telling us how/why you’d like to become more creative.  Winners will be chosen on 5/15 and notified via email.


Note: Thanks to the featured companies for providing product samples.

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  1. 5 Responses to “ROBIN’S PICKS & GIVEAWAYS: Easy, Fun Living for Moms & Kids”

  2. Hi! I would love to win the DVD because I recently got a new, amazing pedometer to kick-start me into a fitness routine, and I think the DVD could help me with my flexibility, my strength and my stamina!

    I would also love to win the fragrance! I have been down in the dumps lately, so a lovely fragrance would certainly pick me up! Paris Baby would be my choice!

    Lately, I have been making crafty items to display around my house. I used to do them with my son, but now that he is older and not as interested anymore, I have decided to do some crafting myself since it relaxes and inspires me. Having a book to enhance my creativity can only help me see my potential go even further!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that I win!!

    By Cara Meyers on May 7, 2012

  3. Definitely could use a workout so the DVD would be great as would the fragrance to smell better afterwards :)

    By susan on May 8, 2012

  4. I would enjoy reading Arden’s book because I haven’t been able to devote much time to creative projects lately. In my teens and twenties, I enjoyed drawing, painting, and craft projects and would like to inspire my creative side again. It would also be nice to feel the peace and calm that engaging in such projects often gave me.

    By Maggie on May 9, 2012

  5. Hope all the MLTS have a great Mother’s Day weekend! Jewell

    By Jewell on May 10, 2012

  6. I need workout clothes to lose the “baby” fat, my husband dreads the camo sweats for our gym class!

    By Jewell on May 10, 2012