Alo-Verix’s advanced hydrating formula combats dry skin through a unique combination of moisturizers and natural extracts. Alo-Verix does not contain wax, paraffin, petrolatum, mineral oil or parabens. Instead, Alo-Verix contains an effective and soothing blend of amino acids, fatty acids, shea butter, aloe vera and resveratrol. Alo-Verix is formulated with only the highest quality ingredients.

In addition to moisturizing your skin, with regular daily use Alo-Verix helps reduce visible signs of aging for all skin types.

I like the lightweight, yet smooth feel, great ingredients, and the bottle is a convenient pump and plastic….great for travel!

For more information, visit

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Wellrox developed its ‘G.R.A.B.S.’ technology specifically to offer a comfortable and more secure sandal that keeps feet securely in the sandal when walking.  Wellrox five toe sandals have specially designed padded toe separators that grip the sandal, reducing the chance of slippage and providing greater confidence when walking or climbing stairs. Who says style can’t also be practical too?

Wellrox sandals actually help to exercise underused toes, which when compressed together constrict rather than limber up the toes and feet. The sandals help improve toe alignment and range of motion, increasing flexibility of the feet and spreading toes. Improper foot alignment can cause knee, back and even neck pain.

“As a well-known concept when practicing yoga, separation of the toes, improves balance, enables a much more natural alignment of the toes and aids equilibrium,” explained Selim Dushey, CEO of Wellrox. “There is no question that one’s foundation – the feet – is broadened when the toes are spread. That improves coordination, one’s stride and gait when walking.”

Dushey pointed out that when the foundation is better, so is the posture. He said that Wellrox’s contoured footbed along with its unique toe separators deliver optimum support and greater comfort when walking, standing and taking part in other activities. Wellrox sandals can be used as a recovery sandal after a long run or workout, or as yoga sandals before and after yoga.

This is such a cool concept, and there are various styles and a wide array of colors to choose from.  They outdo flip flops any day…and are sold at select Macy’s stores including  Visit  These are gonna be my new to-to summer lounging around sandal.


 1 in 4 women experience light bladder leaks on a regular basis, particularly new moms. 1 out of 3 moms have bladder leakage problems for five years or more after giving birth. Moms already have enough things to worry about, and staining your favorite pair of underwear should not be one of them.  Say goodbye to the days of tossing stained underwear in the garbage, because every Dear Kate panty comes with a built-in light-as-a-feather leak-resistant lining.  

HIGH-TECH, NOT HIGH-MAINTENANCE. What started as a class project for Dear Kate CEO Julie Sygiel has become a call to action for moms. It’s the simple notion that every woman CAN find the protection she needs WITH style. Countless hours in the lab followed as Sygiel’s engineering background guided the development of high-tech lingerie boasting the ultimate trifecta: absorbency, breathability, and style. Plus, no need to wash these intimates by hand, because no special care is required.  Just toss in the washer, hang-dry and go.

 The built-in linings provide a leak-resistant, breathable and light-as-a-feather layer, arming the prettiest of undies with a nearly undetectable guard for wicking away sweat while exercising or protecting against period overflow.

The fabric is light, stretchy and comfortable, and I like having a little extra built-in assurance, particularly at that “time of the month.”  Visit  These wear well and do the job!


 Note: Thanks to the featured companies for providing product samples.

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