The Galli Group is a worldwide umbrella  organization founded by philosopher, actor and playwright Johannes Galli. The theaters and training facilities in nine countries are operated independently.

The Galli Theater communicates important social issues through modern adaptations of fairy tales from around the world.   Located at 347 West 36th Street (btw. 8th and 9th Ave) in NYC, they produce 8-9 modern and innovative adaptations/year of fairy tales from around the world that entertain and teach valuable life lessons.  All shows are interactive and with lots of improv elements.

They also offer classes, workshops, camps and counseling year-round for children and adults. They help participants gain self-confidence, overcome barriers, learn new languages and cultures, improve acting skills, and increase health and wellness. Scholarships are given upon application.

 Through its outreach program Galli Theater aims at reaching youth by presenting them plays that deal with issues such as: bullying, drug and HIV prevention, anxiety, depression, body image, nutrition and self-esteem.

 Through its Dr. Fairytale program, Galli Theater presents plays and stories to seriously ill children in hospitals and supports organizations who work with emotionally challenged children around the world.

We had the opportunity to see Aladdin, and for young children, age 5 and under, it was very entertaining.  The kids were invited to dance with the actors, talk back to them during the performance, hand them props, etc.  The likeable cast features Scott Gorbach as Aladdin, Tara Elliot (Genie, Princess, Vizier) and Jakob Abrams (Mother, Magician, Sultan).

Aladdin, by Johannes Galli, is a poor boy but all of a sudden gets to possess a wonder lamp that can fulfill all his wishes!  He wishes to marry the princess… but first he needs to fulfill some tasks and overcome the wicked Magician. It is playing May 5-27: Sat and Sun at 2pm.

Future shows include The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty.

BUY TICKETS or call  212-352-3101.

Adults $20.-  / Children (2-17 years) $15.-
After show workshop (45 min): $15.-
($10 for siblings)
Shows are approx. 50 min, no intermission

Season tickets (valid for 1 year):
The more shows you see, the more you save!
6 SHOWS: Adults $95.- | Kids $60.- (= 2 free shows!)
3 SHOWS: Adults $50.- | Kids $40.-

 Galli Theater

Tel 212-731-0668; Email