Bello Nock, the circus superstar Time Magazine calls “America’s Best Clown,” amuses and amazes as he performs his original blend of comic daredevilry in a theatrical setting for his brand new show, BELLO MANIA. Adding a unique and personal touch to the big thrills and laughter audiences have come to expect from thus uber talented entertainer, Bello performs the U.S. premiere of BELLO MANIA at The New Victory Theater through March 31, 2013.

“I’m really excited about BELLO MANIA, because I have always wanted to create a show of my own that gives the audience a sneak peek into my world,” said Bello, whose acts include stunts on a sway pole, balance a chair on a high wire and perform tricky trampoline mayhem as only he can do. “Every life has a story and I want to share a little of mine, while doing what I love. BELLO MANIA is as much about honoring my unique family heritage as it is about bringing thrills and everlasting memories to kids of all ages.”

His wife, Jennifer, writes and directs, while daughter Amariah keeps things in line backstage as the production stage manager. His  18 year-old daughter  Annaliese follows her father’s footsteps to become an eighth generation performer born to a family of daredevils, ballerinas, equestrians and opera singers…and she appears in the show as well.  He is also supported by able performer Zebulon Fricke and commanding and comical show host Dave Cox

His stage presence is as big as his trademark hair.  Bello is total delight, and this show has appeal from start to finish for people of all ages!  I can’t say enough about this consummate performer….who engages the audience with an earnestness….as he goes into the crowd and pulls out participants who become part of the act.  His show is clever, whimsical, hysterical at times, and a must see!  As confetti flies in the air, and huge inflated balls are tossed throughout the audience, we can’t get enough of Bello, and hope this will be the start of future Nock productions to come.  He deserves to be center stage!

Born Demetrius Alexandro Claudio Amadeus Bello Nock in Sarasota, Florida, Bello is the most honored modern day circus celebrity,and it’s easy to see why. He is featured in the 2013 edition of the Guinness World Book of Records for the first ever high wire walk over a cruise ship at sea; in 2011, he received the circus world’s highest honor, the Gold Clown (presented by Princess Stephanie of Monaco), at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival. Bello was the Ringling Museum’s 2012 “Circus Celebrity of the Year,” and in 2009 was the youngest person ever inducted into the Circus Ring of Fame. He’s won the Silver Clown in Monte Carlo, the Gold Lion in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Prix Special in Grenoble, France, and again at the Daidogei World Cup Festival in Japan. Bello has also won the Walt Disney Award for Creative Entertainment.

He spent several years with Mexico’s Circo Atayde before joining the prestigious Big Apple Circus in 2000. He stayed with the company for three seasons, leaving after his final tour, Bello and Friends. Beginning in 2004, he wooed millions as a star of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Circus, becoming the only person in the company’s history to have a production named after him. The show was called Bellobration, and toured the U.S. from 2007-2008.

Bello also designs and builds all of his own stunts and riggings, including the Double Wheel of Steel and the Aqua Trap. As a self-proclaimed “comic daredevil,” he has hung by his toes under a helicopter flying over the Statue of Liberty, walked a high wire from the NYC Ballet to Avery Fisher Hall, repelled off of Madison Square Garden and ridden an elephant through the Mid-Town Tunnel.

BELLO MANIA is recommended for everyone 4 and over. For more information and to watch a short video clip of BELLO MANIA, please click here.

Tickets for BELLO MANIA at The New Victory Theater (209 West 42nd Street) cost $25, $18, $12 and $9 for Members and $38, $28, $18 and $14 for Non-members based on seat locations. Theater-goers who buy tickets for three or more NEW VICTORY shows in the current season qualify for free Membership benefits, including up to 35-percent savings on tickets all season long. To purchase tickets online, visit, and to purchase by phone, call 646-223-3010.

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