14-year-old singer songwriter guitarist Schuyler Iona Press, whose eclectic compositions (she writes both music/lyrics) include influences from modern folk, rock, and punk peppered with Latin grooves, is an insightful kid entering adolescence and questioning her world.

Described as a musical mashup journey featuring theatrical drama/live concert/multimedia video, the workshop production of What I’m Failing To Learn takes you on her personal journey and a short film walking tour, featuring some “characters,” through the colourful streets of NYC and through the inquisitive mind of a young, introspective teenager with a hugely creative eye/ear and desire to reflect and share.

Think a young, female Jonathan Larson meets a young Alanis Morissette, and you can get some idea of Schuyler’s musicality, voice, storytelling, observation and overall promise. With a song like “I Am Today,” which she penned when she was less than 10, you hear an example of a memorable show tune…one that you yearn to see included in a full scale musical that may one day come to fruition. It wouldn’t be too much to expect from her!

Schuyler (Skye) has an unaffected ease on stage and a comfortable chemistry with the other performers who add much to the production. Some of the songs could use tightening, and at times, the lyrics were hard to make out…but this was only an issue because this impressive young talent has much to say, and we want to hear it…..and your kids….especially other girls her age…will want to as well.

The production stars Schuyler (Film: Theresa is a Mother) as herself. The ensemble/band includes Carlos Mena on bass, Annette Homann on violin and as the voice of Carol, Sardinian woman and Diner Lady, Henry Koperski on the piano/flute/sax and as the voice of Harvey, the really terrific Matthew Gumley (Bdwy: Elf, Addams Family, Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast Film: Theresa is a Mother) on electric guitar and as the voice of the Tour Guide, Sam Wagner (The Brighton Beat) on the drums, Dominique Porter as the voice of Schuyler and Savior Lady, and Hannah Tobias as voice of Mother, Sardinian teenager and Phyllis. The supporting players are versatile talents unto themselves…two of put on their dancing shoes to our delight….even Skye hoofs it up a bit.

Choreography by Joel Hanna, music arranged by Jeb Patton, co-directed by Darren Press (Schuyler’s father), written and directed by C. Fraser Press (Schuyler’s mother), the production features lighting design by Rob Belchere and sound design by MikeDeRosa. Liz Peak is the stage manager.


Where: 13th Street Rep, 50 West 13th Street, NYC

When: May 15 – June 15th, Wednesday at 7pm / Saturdays at 3pm; Running time: 90 minutes



TICKET GIVEAWAY FOR MOTHERHOODLATER.COM: FIVE PAIRS OF TICKETS. If you would like to see the show by June 15th, please email, and put FAILING TO LEARN in the subject line.  Please include why you’d like to see the show. If you won, you will be notified via email.



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