Scrubz! Natural Skin Care Products! How I Reunited and Rejuvenated! – Review by Cara Potapshyn Meyers


It’s a small world. It is also an amazing world when technology brings friends back together. This is what happened when I was reunited with a couple of my Sorority Sisters via Facebook. I also found a line of products I adore!

I was contacted through Facebook Message by one of my Sorority Sisters from college. She “found” me and wanted to “friend” me. I immediately obliged. We caught up through messaging one another over several months. At one point, this college friend posted a photo and I noticed that a comment was made by another one of my Sorority Sisters, Roberta Perry. I contacted Roberta and another friendship was reunited! I was now reunited with two college friends after roughly twenty-five years had passed!


Roberta Perry and Michelle Tucker

I next discovered that Roberta and her sister Michelle are the owners of a fabulous line of body products called Scrubz! Roberta found that the skin products on the market were not satisfying her addiction to soft skin. They were either filled with artificial preservatives and/or colors, didn’t do what they promised, or the scents were not quite right. 

She tried various formulations of scrubs, testing jar after jar on herself and her sister, Michelle Tucker. She did extensive research into natural based plant oils and how wonderful they are for your skin.

One day, Michelle, having just recently sampled the latest formula, burst in the room announcing, “you have to sell this stuff…it’s amazing!” Two days later, Michelle called Roberta and announced she had the perfect name, so in July of 2006, Scrubz™ All Natural Sugar Body Scrub was born.


Michelle joined the business, and with her help, the product line has grown to include Handz™, Facez™, Shavez™, Butterz™, Oilz™, OIlz+™, Balmz™, Bye Bye Bagz™, Bye Bye MakeUp™, Lipz Service™ and Lipz™.



Scrubz™ uses the finest and most natural ingredients, and their fragrance list is so extensive, there is a scent to please everyone, including their Unscented line which is 100% Pure and Fragrance Free. Over those first few years, they “perfected” their products and tried to market them to small stores or by doing home parties. They found that they were “selling out” just as quickly as they could produce.

Then in February of 2011, they found they needed to literally “get out of the kitchen” and find some retail property. Their store in Bethpage, NY…on Long Island…is the perfect match for their exquisite products! Quaint, yet spaciously designed for a sitting area, it smells like a garden and the decor reminds you of a Parisian parlor! It is beyond lovely! If you live on Long Island, I urge you to go see it for yourself!

More recently, Roberta and Michelle were able to persuade both Whole Foods and Nature’s Way stores to carry some of their products. Although they had a website for their products since they were initialy established, as of January 2013, they redesigned their product line for sale online at! You can also “like” them on Facebook to get tips on living a healthy lifestyle or finding out about seasonal or “Limited Edition” products. Go on to their e-mail list and you get promotional discounts, birthday surprises and weekly discounts on the “Scents of the Week.” Bring in two clean, empty containers, and get deep discounts on whichever scents they chose to make large batches of for that week! They will also custom make a scent of your choosing. I plan to bring in one of my favorite essential oils and have them make a scrub personalized just for me!

When I initially discovered that Roberta had her own line of all natural products, I knew I wanted to blog about them. I was sent a selection of their most popular items and have since purchased additional items to try out. I am now an official Scrubz addict! I have gone through 3 small containers of seasonal or “limited edition” scrubs in just a few months. My favorites were “Pink Lemonade,” “Watermelon” and “Summer Daze.” They also have year-round scents as well.

I have used other scrub products in the past but have always been disappointed. I would scoop some into my hand only to find half of it had fallen to the tub in transferring it to my skin or had it feel so harsh and gritty, it actually left streaks of abrasion across my body. I was completely turned off. I wanted to give Scrubz a try. From the very first scoop, the beautifully textured product distributed flawlessly over my skin. None fell to the floor of the tub, it just spread over my skin and left a lovely, thin, oil base and amazing scent as I soothingly rubbed it over my skin! What a tremendous difference from scrub products I’ve tried in the past! 

But wait! They don’t just make scrub products. They have a lip moisturizer called “Balmz” that I swear feels like a rose petal is touching your lips as the light, creamy texture glides over your pucker. For dry, chapped, peeling lips, you can try “Lipz Service.” This is a special scrub for the lips to slough off old skin with the delicious sugar base, while allowing the lips to heal with their special blend of soothing oils.

They also have a scrub called “Facez.” This exfoliating scrub is more refined for delicate facial skin and has a slightly higher oil ratio than their body scrub to moisturize the face after use. It is truly a perfect blend for facial skin and is fragrance free. 

Why all the fuss about Exfoliation? 

Exfoliation is more than just a beauty process – it is truly one of the best things you can do to improve the appearance of your skin and keep it healthy.

Pores get filled with dead skin, oil, external particles, etc. Because of this, there is nothing better than a good, regular, gentle exfoliation to keep skin fresh and healthy. In general, scrubs function by removing old cells to produce a smoother skin surface. They also provide excellent physical stimulation to skin through a massaging effect,  which in turn helps improve blood and lymph circulation. When exfoliation is done well, it rejuvenates the skin, giving it a healthy polished glow. The skin is constantly generating new skin cells and sending them to the surface. However, as time goes on, the process of cell turnover decreases, and the skin can start to look dry and less glowing. Since exfoliation increases cell turnover, the skin appears younger and feels tighter and more polished. Oil-based sugar scrubs focus on skin treatment and then rejuvenation, first with gentle skin polishing and then with nourishment, using natural oils and emollients. Scrub products also help to emphasize the holistic approach of de-stressing and relaxation.


The Oil Cleansing Method

The Oil Cleansing Method, or “OCM” is a way to clean your body and face using natural oils.

For many people, the simplest way to clear up acne, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, blemishes, rashes or outbreaks on your face is simple: STOP using soap and other harsh cleansers and moisturizers, and turn to the most natural, time-honored facial trick of all: cleaning your skin with natural oils.

The biggest reason we have so much trouble with commercial skin care products is that they strip the oil out of our skin. Each time we do this, our skin over-compensates, trying to repair itself by replacing the oil that was taken away. When you use natural oils to remove oily dirt you’re employing the chemical principle called “like dissolves like.”  Natural oils are close enough in their basic structure to bind to dirty oils chemically and then to dissolve all the gunk on your skin and face. Pretty cool, huh?

Do not be afraid of applying oil to your face. Oil, alone, will not bring you blemishes. Pimples, cysts, blackheads, whiteheads…these are a result of several different factors including hormones, bacteria, dead skin cells and the buildup of all of these. Your skin naturally produces Sebum oil because it needs it and it is there for the benefit of your skin. Not only does this natural oil help lubricate, it also heals, protects, and moisturizes your skin so that it may function properly. Properly functioning skin is beautiful, clear, and glowing. Learning to work with it, and not against it, will make your skin shine with health, not extra oil.

So now you have the scoop on Scrubz! If you are not in the area, I urge you to go online to see their gorgeous website and try a jar of Scrubz, or other products, for yourself! Their newest scent, “Fall Harvest” is out. It is a combination of apple, pomegranate, pear and other fruit oils to make this scent a burst of Fall freshness! 

“Fall Harvest”

As for me, I now have three fabulous friends in my life, two old, one new, and a line of products I absolutely crave! What could be more delightful? Other than a jar of new “Fall Harvest!”

 A discount! For the next month, go online to or visit the Scrubz store and use code: MOTHERHOOD15 to get 15% off any purchase! Tell Roberta or Michelle that you know me and they may just throw in an extra little goodie! (Wink, wink!)

Please don’t forget to visit Scrubz at their Facebook and Twitter pages!

Scrubz Products:  

Scrubz Parties:

Scrubz for Guys



A huge thank you to Roberta Perry and Michelle Tucker for allowing me to indulge in their vast array of products before putting together this blog!

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  2. Thank you so much. You make us smile and blush at the same time. :-)

    By Roberta Perry on Sep 18, 2013