Sex, Flowers, and Chocolate by Margaret Hart

Raise your hand if you clicked on this blog really fast because you read the word “sex” in the headline? Or maybe it was the word “chocolate?” I didn’t have anything earth shattering to write about this week, so I thought I’d give you a few, fun snippets on subjects that most women I know enjoy: sex, flowers, and chocolate!

As I mentioned in my Motherhood Later Facebook post this week, I saw a great show in New York City at the Union Square Theatre. It’s called Murder Ballad, and it’s a steamy, sexy, rock musical about a love triangle gone wrong. The audience is part of the set, styled to represent a downtown club, so the action takes place all around you. There are no bad seats. There’s lots of bumping and grinding, and locking of lips, in between relationship drama that is equally matched by intense vocals. All the actors have impressive Broadway credentials, and between them have appeared in productions of American Idiot, Hair, Rent, Rock of Ages, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Fame, The Full Monty, and The Constant Wife, to name just a handful. As James Lipton, of  “Inside the Actors Studio” once told an audience of which I was a member, we all go to see a film or a show with our own baggage, and so I went to see Murder Ballad and brought my baggage along with me. Right from the start, I was critical of the title, but about 20 minutes in, I was hooked. It was intimate, sexy, and fun. The staging and the production was unique. The actors were excellent and their vocals were incredible, even if the band did play a little too loud at times. Having lived in New York City, I appreciated some of the references. If you like rock musicals or just enjoy live theatre, this is definitely worth seeing. Check it out at:

I also wanted to write about flowers. I have always wanted to have a beautiful perennial garden like the ones I’ve seen in France and England. For more than 10 years, I’ve cultivated a perennial garden at my home in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and through trials and tribulations, have finally had some successful results. My husband and I have fought off the deer, and all the other wildlife (including Chipmunks!!) that like to munch on our tender shoots, leaves and buds as they emerge every spring and summer. This time of year my garden is either in full bloom, or has been devoured. Thankfully, we have won the battle this summer, and are enjoying our bounty: several types of Lilies, Astilbe, Roses, Hydrangea, and more are currently in their glory. I put together a small bouquet today.

Last but not least, let’s talk about chocolate. It’s an aphrodisiac for some, an addiction of another kind for others, but it’s so-o-o good, and who doesn’t like it? In my efforts to cut sugar (especially all the bad sugar) out of my diet, I have been following the advice of a local nutritionist who steered me toward Dr. Mark Hyman’s book, the New York Times Best Seller, The Blood Sugar Solution. Over the past year, I’ve been changing the way I eat, and what I eat, and learning about nutrition, foods, and how the body metabolizes what we eat. Long story short, I’ve discovered my taste buds can be redirected. For example, I now find the popular chocolate bars I used to eat to be too sweet, and instead when I have a craving for chocolate, I reach for a portion of a dark bitter chocolate bar. I’ve tried a few, but the one I like most is called “Valrhona Le Noir Extra Amer 85% Cacao.”  The one my husband likes best is a Trader Joe’s brand, also 85% cacao, and from the Tumaco Region of Colombia.

So there you have it. A blog about sex, flowers, Chocolate, and even some rock and roll!

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