Shopping on Black Friday? No Thank You by Heather Bowles

I’ve been questioned a few times this week about my holiday shopping habits.

“What are you going to be shopping for on Black Friday?”
“Where are you going Thursday night to shop?”
“When are you leaving Thursday to stand in line for XYZ sale?”

The answer to all of them, simply put? “I’m not.” I got quite a few strange looks, especially when I responded to the looks of admiration about “already being done” shopping for gifts with: “No, I just don’t feel like getting out that day.” I wish I could say that I have altruistic or even environmentally conscious reasoning behind my refusal to get out during the biggest shopping event of the year, but I really don’t.

Being a short woman has it’s advantages, not the least of which is always appearing younger than I actually am, but most of those advantages evaporate in the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping shenanigans. Men stop holding doors open for anyone but their own wives, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood patiently waiting at a department store cashwrap for assistance while everyone around me gets attention first. Anyone under 5’5″ suddenly becomes invisible starting in late October and we don’t often reappear to fellow shoppers or retail associates again until mid to late January.

Being more vocal about getting my due attention from customer service personnel is usually met with disapproving looks, and I’ve even been accused of being pushy from time to time for insisting that my needs be met in a timely manner. Add to that the demanding insistence of an infant who has to have her diaper changed every two hours and fed every four hours, and well, it’s far more hassle than I care to deal with this year. So… I’ll stay home, shop online, and spend a little more of our holiday mad money on ‘virtual’ mom and pop storefronts, and tell myself that it’s better for the economy. It’s certainly better for our gas tank.

Do you have difficulty getting the attention you need during the holiday season? Will you be taking your children with you?

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  1. 2 Responses to “Shopping on Black Friday? No Thank You by Heather Bowles”

  2. I got up at the crack of dawn on Black Friday about a decade ago and although I was successful with my purchasing, squinted at the bright morning sunlight at 9am when I finally left the Mall and sluggishly drove home to sleep for most of the day. Looking back, it was frustrating…I, too am short…and blonde…the worst mix. People not only don’t see you, they don’t listen to you either. I said never again. When Cyber Monday emerged, I was in heaven! Clicking away, getting free shipping and drop bottom prices! In fact, just before I read your blog, I found my son a set of snowshoes, poles and a nylon case for less than the price than the shoes alone! And with great ratings! Even if they are not spectacular, he’ll probably get 3 year’s use of them, at most, so why should I invest in full price? Black Friday? Forget it. I’ll take Cyber Monday or any other day this time of year, for that matter! Now back to prowling the internet…

    By Cara Meyers on Nov 26, 2012

  3. I love shopping online too, Cara! The only thing I can’t ever be satisfied with for some reason or other? Shoes. I have very slender feet, and I can spend a whole afternoon trying on shoes at the mall before I find one pair that I either won’t walk out of, like the color, or even find comfortable. Oh well. If that’s the worst thing I have to complain about, I’d say I’m doing pretty good!

    By Heather Bowles on Nov 28, 2012