Size Evidently Does Matter by Sharon O’Donnell

I’ve had a Facebook page for years and have had a Twitter account for several years too, although I don’t know how to use all the Twitter or my I Phone’s features. One of my nephews recently showed me how to take a photo of a screen shot of a text. Earlier this week while waiting in my car in a parking lot, I decided to take a screen shot of a text and then sent it via Twitter to the  Twitter account of a local sports talk show on the radio.  My middle son had texted me something the previous night regarding a basketball game between NC State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He texted that the key match-up in the game would be that of Justin Jackson for UNC and Maverick Rowan for NC State because Rowan could not possibly guard Jackson, who is much quicker. My son sent this before the game even began.  NC State came out and took a 13 point lead and was really hot, until yes — Justin Jackson went on a 12 point scoring tear midway through the first half, helping the UNC Tar Heels catch up to State and lead at the half by 5. UNC went on to win, and the next day on the sports radio show, the announcers were talking about how the tide of the game had turned when Justin Jackson went on that scoring spree and how the match-up between him and Rowan was a terrible one. Why was Rowan ever matched up to guard Jackson, they asked.

Of course, this same sports insight was said BEFORE the game by my son, so I decided hey — I will take a screen shot of the text from my son and send it to the sports show via Twitter so that they can see how insightful my son was. And I did! I was so proud of myself for doing the screen shot and getting it to the show’s hosts. What a savvy mom I was thinking. So what if I’m 53?  I can handle all that technology stuff and follow sports as well as any 25-year-old. Right?

My phone buzzed within a minute of sending the Tweet. I looked and saw I had a Tweet from one of the show’s hosts! No doubt they were going to comment on how right my son had been and they would also be impressed that I — a mom of a college student — Tweeted them a screen shot.  Then I read the Tweet:  “Oh my goodness, look at that font size!”  it read.  I was crushed and embarrassed. The guy was making fun of my poor eyesight and that the texts on my phone are in a larger than normal font size.  Below is the text I forwarded to the show along with the note below it . . . which is followed by the host’s reply. I guess the font is bigger than average, but there was no comment at all about the content of my son’s text, nothing at all.

Middle son’s text to me about what will be the key match-up in the game


Then I sent the text to the radio show via Twitter.

Tweet I got back from radio show host, totaling ignoring the point of tweet and focused on size of font I used



So that is the last time I take a screen shot of a  text and sent it to the media via Twitter.  But I could do it if I wanted to.

So there.

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