Sleepover by Robin Gorman Newman

Seth was supposed to have his first sleepover at our house, and it was a hit…well almost!

He and his best pal make a super cute duo.

I was flattered that despite Seth’s pal’s trepidation re: leaving his home, he put his faith in Seth and us knowing he’d be in good, fun, safe hands.  Ultimately, unfortunately, fear kicked in, and he wound up going home around 9pm….but he tried valiantly to stick it out.  He asked that we call his mom…I hoped it was to say good-night…..but you could tell he was missing her and his home, and that despite some persuading on my part, he needed in his heart to leave.  They embraced when she picked him up, and both felt badly, but acknowledged that we’d give it a go another time.

Seth and I were very disappointed.  And, I was a bit concerned…didn’t want Seth to take it personally…..and I was trying not to as well.  It’s not that his friend didn’t like it here…..he just wasn’t ready.  Seth commented how he knows that his friend gets scared of a number of things, and doing a sleepover clearly emerged as one of them.  Seth’s a wise kid, and while he said he was sad, he also understood.

While Seth and his friend are very different people, it’s interesting how they complement and respect each other.  They are highly compatible despite having vastly different interests and personality types. Kinda like a marriage of loving opposites.

Seth is all about rescue, fireman adventures, etc.

Nate is artsy…enjoying singing and performing.

In common, they share computers, Wii, and simply enjoying each other.

I can see Seth pulling away at times toward independence.

I did my best not to invade his space, and gave him and his buddy the privacy they wanted while playing in his room or the basement.

I only joined them at dinner time.

It was sweet when Seth’s pal asked for chocolate milk, which I made for him.  It took me back to Seth’s younger days when he drank chocolate milk regularly, and I was constantly stocking up on Nestle’s chocolate syrup.

I bribed them both to have ice cream in exchange for carrot sticks.  It worked to some extent.

We had originally planned to go to the pool, but they opted for a house play date instead.

I enjoy seeing them interact, and am really trying to treasure these days.

I can easily envision the years thrusting forward, with Seth one day grabbing the car keys and hanging out with his friends doing things I can’t see or supervise.

I will trust him.  I feel like we’re raising a good kid with good judgement, and I’m grateful for that.

There’s just so much to be said for witnessing his growth and seeing him build relationships with friends….and ultimately a life partner.

We raise our children to leave and be their own person…..but until then…..with all the challenges that come with parenting (and there are many), I relish these younger years, and what a special way to bring the summer to a close…..with this sleepover…..even though it didn’t come to full fruition. 

We meant well.  Maybe at a later date, we can give it a go again.  Kids mature at different paces, and what works for one doesn’t for another.


  1. 2 Responses to “Sleepover by Robin Gorman Newman”

  2. Can totally relate, but it was my child who called it quits. Actually she has bailed on about three playdates and a couple camp-outs. Unlike her older sisters she just wasn’t comfortable sleeping elsewhere. Recently she’s had a complete sleepover at a friend’s and loved it. They’re ready when they’re ready!

    By Kristen Brakeman @sandwichgenmom on Aug 31, 2012

  3. Totally agree Kristen. How old was your daughter when she got ready?

    By Robin Gorman Newman on Sep 1, 2012