Slow… down. and glimpse the future. A mother’s moment by Pamela Francis

Yesterday Jun asked me what occupation I could see him as. I said Makers Lab instructor, like Omar at the Michelle Obama library in Long Beach, CA, where we used to live; He’d be in there making stop-motion animation films and trinkets on the 3D printer…, battery operated robots… and such. He really loved it in there.  I could tell all the kids did.  Today he said he wants to take up violin again. I went on my computer to look up that musical instrument place we used to rent Mal’s clarinet from when we lived in Sandy Springs, GA. I stopped briefly to glance at my emails and almost went off on that trip, but I SLOWED DOWN and asked myself, who’s it going to be…? Me or him…? them… that are looking for me…? or him? I thought about him playing the violin and Mal producing in studio.  Malachi just got accepted into the recording engineer program we’ve been dreaming about for over a year.  And I wondered… suppose they became the next Marsalis brothers…?

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