sNOw Good by Dina Ramon

My anticipation is mixed with some dread. It’s the night before a predicted, major snowstorm, and where I live, the mere threat means that whoever the mysterious person is who makes the decision is probably going to cancel school before they even see a flake. I wait anxiously to see the latest weather report, knowing that I better turn off my phone unless I want a 4:00 am text message that school is cancelled. Knowing this shutdown that the kids will be thrilled about is going to happen means I probably won’t rest easy tonite…I will be planning out a work-from-home day that I can manage while also playing school with my daughter, making sure she’s fed often (she’s a grazer and needs food pretty much every 30-60 minutes), and taking breaks to play that old favorite, tic-tac-toe. Ok, that leaves me about 6 more hours of the day to fill; she will be excitable and eager for things to do. No, sleep will be fitful tonight. Not like the kids, no. They are all fast asleep with their jammies on backwards and inside out because they knew that is the way to make the snow come. But not before they put ice cubes in the toilet for extra credit. Of course I’m happy for her; what kid doesn’t love a snow day? And I love having her home with me. But let’s face it – the novelty wears off by lunchtime, especially if the snow is a true ‘storm’ and not inviting for outdoor adventures. So that means aside from homework and her own independent play with her doll and stuffed animal club, I will be attentive to my 8-year-old for most of the day. And I intend to do that without having the TV on nonstop, and without her sitting in front of computer games for hours on end. I finally go to bed at 1 AM, with one local school district that’s already caved in and announced their schools are closed. That means the others are sure to follow suit, but it’s not even raining yet. Our official word comes at 6 AM-school cancelled for today. Of course it’s a weekday so my daughter isn’t going to sleep late. She’s had breakfast by 7:30, stays in her inside-out jammies for good measure and by 9 she and her doll are watching snow coverage on TV. She’s already called out ‘Mommy come here’ about half a dozen times. I guess that means it’s time for me to get this day of ‘quality’ activities going and fit in work when I can!

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