Sold Out By Seth

From the mouths of babes…..they say. You’ve probably heard the expression. Well….Seth “sold me out” in school!

We attended a parent-teacher conference this week, and thankfully, got glowing reviews about Seth. His teacher is a delight, and she said he was as well. We talked about his behavior in class, play skills, listening, best buddy, etc….and it was all good.

The teacher made one somewhat surprising comment. She asked if there is anything different going on at home because Seth has said in school that he “misses his mom.” He even went so far as to ask his teacher if she misses her mom? This caught me offguard, and I couldn’t think of any particular reason he might say that. Then, the teacher clarified by saying that many of the children say that when they’re away from home. So, that made me feel better.

Next we got on the subject of some of the activities that Seth and I do together after school. I said he takes a music class, watches some tv, plays with his trucks & trains, and I try to get him to do arts and crafts projects, if we’re not going somewhere, like food shopping or other errands. And, the teacher added, like shopping at TJ Maxx. I was stunned and laughed. Seth apparently has made comments in the classroom that his mom loves TJ and we shop there often together.

While true, and I don’t deny it, my secret was out. I’m a TJ Maxx groupie (as is Seth…under my influence). And, now his teacher knows we’re TJ shopping buddies. No harm in that, but it got me thinking. What else has Seth spilled the beans about to her or others? And, what will he say in the future that might have me cringing? I can’t predict, but I now fully realize that “mum” is never the word with a child….unless he means “mommy.”