Special Self-Care Finds from Two Caring Entrepreneurs by Robin Gorman Newman

These two companies put their health knowledge into their products, and in the process are helping others.  I’m a fan of their offerings, and wanted to share.

sync skinSynchronology is a skin care line developed to target the lower levels of the dermis, where cell regeneration takes place, for a holistic treatment to refresh your skin from the inside out. The key ingredient is Sea Buckthorn Berry, a high grade natural ingredient commonly known as “The Magical Berry.” It has proven itself over centuries, to promote skin cell rejuvenation and continual protection from our harmful environment. You don’t need to use unnatural and unhealthy chemicals on your delicate skin to see results.

I love this about them!  Synchronology Skin Care Inc. deeply cares about giving back and serving the community and they donate 10% of our gross profits to various charities dedicated to the care of mental health and depression because beauty and health starts from within.

Here’s some details on a couple of the products in the line of six:

FACIAL CLEANSER: The Inside Out Facial Cleanser smells clean ‘n fresh and its smooth, light lather, gently, but thoroughly, unclogs pores and removes stubborn makeup. Use with clean hands, or the Synchronology Soft Bristle Cleansing Brush.  Men can use it as well as a shaving gel option that also protects.

SERIOUS SERUM: Serious Serum is their newest anti-aging product filled with sea buckthorn oil. The serum is light in weight but with serious hydration that adds another layer to protect the skin from the dryness of the cold, the dangerous UV rays from the sun, and the everyday pollutants in the environment. You may feel tingling at first, it’s ok, it’s working like vitamins to create a healthy, supple look, and softer feel to your skin. You apply moisturizer (it’s light and silky) right after. Repeat nightly, if your skin is extremely dry use 2x a day. You will not need to apply as much serum as you do moisturizer. A smaller amount of serum goes a long way.

I have been using the full product line for a month or so now, and it’s quickly becoming my “go do” skin care line of choice.  My skin is feeling more dewy, particularly my neck area.  And, previously I typically cleansed my face with a liquid soap, but I really love this facial cleanser and the feel of the gentle brush, especially before bedtime.

The packaging is minimalist and lightweight, so easy for travel, suitable for both men and women.  Given the high quality, the price point is extremely reasonable, and ideally, you want to use the entire line for optimum results.

Synchronology Skin Care was co-founded by Donna Berry, CEO of the company, developed along side of successful entrepreneur Grant Berry and top German and English chemists.  They are the team behind the innovative cosmetic brands Lord & Berry and Styli-Style, cosmetic lines that pioneered the 24 Hour liner concepts and lipstick pencils.

This is definitely a skincare line worth checking out.


easesprayWhen I learned of this product and was invited to sample it, I jumped at the chance, as of late, I’ve been experiencing some muscle aches, and I’ve always been a fan of seeking natural relief whenever possible.

I also learned that stress is impacted by it, and who doesn’t have that in their busy lives?!

I’ve since become an EASE Magnesium fan.  I’ve been spraying it on my leg before bedtime (having some right leg cramps), and I have been feeling them ease.  It’s a nice alternative to taking a Magnesium supplement.

Here’s why more magnesium is the key to stress less:

EASE Magnesium: Brain, Muscle, Bone & Tissue, made by Activation Products

  • This powerful supplement is instantly absorbed into the skin and goes directly to work in your body by supplying the levels of magnesium needed for optimum performance.
  • Low magnesium levels are the root cause of aches, pains, stress, anxiety, poor digestion and low quality sleep.
  • Ingredients: Ultra-purified water and the highest pharmaceutical grade of magnesium chloride hexahydrate using i-tech to produce.
  • Product targets ’tissue’ magnesium levels and works to:
    • Soothe muscle and joint aches/pains
    • Improve overall mood, mental clarity and focus
    • Aid in digestive cycle
    • Improve sleep cycle
    • Combat stress

Ian Clark is Founder and CEO of Activation Products and EASE Naturally Relaxing Magnesium Spray.

When a series of life threatening health issues hit all at once back in 2004 at the age of 46, Ian refused to accept life’s traditional circumstances and decided to pursue the natural methods of restoring perfect health. He began traveling in 2007 to discover the top level health products and protocols while developing relationships with top researcher’s in natural healing. This resulted in excellent personal health for Ian today and has also supported the health of others all over the world. With his 5 sons and the support of an entire team of innovators @ Activation Products Canada and Activation Germany, they have become a significant manufacturer producing the world’s most valuable natural health products.


Note: Product samples were provided by the featured companies, but our opinions are our own.

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