Spring in Central Pennsylvania By: Lori Loesch

 Spring has finally arrived in my part of Pennsylvania. I live in the middle of the state. Winter was long, dark and cold this year. It seemed never to end. Today I can say that I have it on good authority that spring is here! The birds tell me as they dance through the air in synchronized movements. It appears that they have danced this dance before.

Squirrels are funny and I love to watch them. They jump straight up into the air for no apparent reason. They jump on each other, and turn flips in the air. The squirrels seem to enjoy creating  mischief with the bird population. There will be a group of birds, of no common flock, just hungry birds eating next to the squirrels and then a quiet squirrel who just seconds before was enjoying a nibble of seed,  runs fast into the middle of the group sending birds aflutter, to the safety of the trees. 

Mourning Dove are darling! I love their soft, trusting, innocent, manner. Their colors are such,  that my words can do no justice to them. When it comes to mating, their ritual isn’t as graceful as some may think.  What I have observed is this, one dove comes up to the other dove. This dove scurries away as fast as her skinny, little, orange,  legs can carry her. Her head bobbing back and forth, as she hastily makes her exit. There must be some point in their lives when the sun and earth align and they dance the dance of love. For there is no short supply of these soft, warm, birds.

As I sit here typing this blog, I hear the peepers peeping in the trees next to the house. I love to hear them. That is a true sign that spring has arrived in Central Pennsylvania. Soon the frogs and salamanders will lay their eggs in a little marsh area we have on our land. My daughter, and even my oldest son, who’s twenty-one, and  I love to visit, and we bring some home to a small pond my son set up for just this purpose. What an interesting sight to witness! Nature, right in our own back yard!

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