Spring is here! by Sharon O’Donnell


Even though there are still a few cold snaps, for the most part, winter is over, and spring has arrived.  On a warm night in the 60s last week, I sat at baseball practice

for my 14-year-old and relished the warm weather and the gorgeous purple and pick sunset over the field at the USA Baseball complex in Cary, NC.


Another sign of spring is that the busy schedule of my middle son in college is getting either busier as the last month of classes begins this coming week. Projects, exams, internships,

interviews, etc.  A very stressful time, but one with promise that the summer will soon be here.  We had a nice dinner with my son when he had a break in his schedule, but of course

his main reason for wanting to meet with us was that he wanted to see our dog, Fenway.  When my two college sons miss our dog, we take the dog to them if they can’t get home. This is known as a Fenway Fix.

And every spring, I try to walk with one of my sons (and our dog) in a fundraising walk for various causes (Cancer/heart disease research, ALS).  This year, my sons weren’t

available, so I took our long-haired dachshund to a new fundraising walk event, but I discovered the course was muddy and rough instead of on pavement like the other Walks had been — not conducive for low-to-the-ground dachshunds to walk through.  I had to pick him up and carry him over some of the course, but his underside still was covered in mud and mulch.  It was rougher terrain that he is used to, and it tired him pretty quickly.  As soon as I put him in the car on the way home, he was out like a light.

Fenway after long walk

He has rested up since then and is ready to again.

Hope your springtime is off to a great start!

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