Stir Crazy in the Suburbs

I am going totally stir crazy today.

Seth is home with strep throat, and I have a cold, and I’m miserable.

The sun is shining, though it’s not entirely warm as yet, but it feels like a tease.

I’m itching to go out. Anywhere….

My son is hopping or I should say bolting, from activity to activity. Nothing holds his attention for long. Not evena new toy, a belated gift for his birthday…a remote control car that does stunts. He loves it. To me, it makes way too much noise and is crashing into all the furniture. This is not a toy a mom would embrace.

My kitchen looks like a disaster zone, with fire trucks, ambulances, and other vehicles galore. Seth was creating an obstacle course for his stunt car.

The living room looks like a cyclone hit it. It did….Cyclone Seth. Train tracks strewn about. Legos. Diego’s explorer house. You name it.

I’m getting worn out just looking at all of it.

Calgon….take me away! I need a massage.

And, it’s tax season. My husband typically works very late on Tuesday nights.

I asked him please to work late on Saturday instead, and come home regular time today. I need a break.

Seth needs to get a bath, and he’s fighting me on that.

Today is a total challenge.

Luckily the antibiotic has kicked in, and the doctor said Seth can go back to school tomorrow.

I feel guilty for saying it, but today doesn’t feel like quality time with my son.

He’s bouncing off the walls, and my head is aching.

Tomorrow is thankfully another day.

PS — In future blog posts, I’m looking to potentially highlight cool products of particular interest/benefit to 40 women (including moms of course). If you know of any, I’d love to hear about them. Drop me an email.