Summer Camp by Robin Gorman Newman

This week was open house at Seth’s prospective summer camp.  It felt old heading over there in the dead of a frigid NY winter with ice and snow on the ground, knowing that when Seth is there, it will be hopefully a sunny, warm summer.

Last year, he attended for the first summer the day camp at Hofstra University (where I went to college), and he enjoyed.  He studied robotics, video game development and participated in adventure camp and field trips.

This summer, Hofstra has joined forced with Boces, and there’s a slew of new programs and camp choices.  We went to check them out, and WOW is the word that comes to mind. 

It was fascinating! 

I remember when I was a kid, I went to Rolling Hills Day Camp and did arts ‘n crafts and outdoor activities.  I recall seeing sweaty photos of myself.  When I got a bit older, I attended tennis camp…equally as sweaty an experience….and intense…..but I went with girlfriends, so enjoyed.

Camps have since come a long way, and there are many choices, both of venue of activities.  There are specialty camps.  Sleep away camps.  Day camps that include sleep away as an option.  Camps run in parks.  Camps in synagogues. Camps that have been around for decades.  And…the list goes on ‘n on.

At Boces, we toured the many rooms, and I think he’s gonna ultimately go with Aviation, Forensics, Minecraft and Marine Biology.  All great choices.  I look forward to seeing the delight in his eyes as he shares and applaud schools for offering kids such amazing learning opportunities. Summers like this can be a great real life growth experience for kids.