Summer Slimming Strategies: Cool Products: by Robin Gorman Newman

Periodically, I like to share unique products I’ve stumbled upon, and if you’re like me and have an eye toward summer, swim season and looking good, the following might interest you.

SLIMWARE – With Slimware’s portion controlled plates, you can pursue weight loss in a unique and practical way. They take the guess work out of portion control, so you can focus on healthy cooking versus weighing and measuring your food.  Of course, the plates don’t count the calories for you, so you still need to exercise good judgement.  And, they are not intended for dessert.

Promoting healthy portion sizes and nutritionally balanced meals, Slimware’s cleverly and attractively designed plates feature designated food placement areas that correspond to recommended food portions and serve as a helpful visual guide when serving a meal.

Ingenius!  And, now, you can no longer be in denial about how much you eat at any given meal.  Love this concept.  I’ve never been great at knowing how much protein to dish out.

The set I sampled is strong and suitable for a microwave, which is so helpful.  And, they are appealing enough for entertaining, without guests knowing their special function.


slimsationSLIMSATION – Looking for a pant that nips, tucks, slims and shapes?  Who isn’t?!  I jumped at the chance to try these, and they didn’t disappoint.

Many styles offered by SlimSation are pull on pants. SlimSation’s contoured high waistband adds more shape to the waist area, making it more defined because the band hits right at the waist. The brand features a very clean, chic front.

There are several different styles available in leggings and pants. Many colors and prints.  There’s a wide range of sizes from 2 – 24W, and since SlimSation runs a bit on the larger side, you may wear a size smaller than normal.

I chose to sample the CROP pant, and it is so cute and comfortable.  Lightweight and easily packable, it’s also great for traveling.  And, it’s nice to have a flattering pant to wear that offers control without binding.  While I am a Spanx fan, sometimes in summer, they can feel a bit much.

Available in a variety of styles and silhouettes, there is a style for all body types.  And, the pants are machine washable.


Note: Thanks to the featured products for providing samples, but my opinions are my own.