Summer Vacation by Peggy Bogaard-Lapp

Last week I posed about having a grown-up sort of weekend, hanging out with a group of friends that we rode to Red River, New Mexico with on our Harley. That was more fun than I have had in a long time, mostly because we had nothing to worry about. No kids to feed, no dog to walk, no bedtime routine. There were 10 of us in a mountain cabin, plus four more in an RV parked in the driveway. Our friends who drove in with the RV also brought all of the food too, since we had no way to haul it on our bikes. Genius idea – from those who have done a road trip before. I was a virgin to all of this, and thankfully my girlfriends helped me understand how to properly wear a bandanna on my head, the easy way to put on leather chaps, and to be prepared with a candy bar in my hip bag in case we don’t stop for lunch (or dinner). Now that we have had the taste of the fun, I can see us doing it again. It felt good to be (mostly) carefree and just jump on the bike and go. But truthfully, I was glad to get back to our daughter. She is the center of my world, and without her I felt a bit off tilt.

So, now our family vacation is about to begin. Each year around February we sit down at the dinner table and discuss our summer vacation destination. Last year we chose Mt. Rushmore, and it was a perfect place for our family.  The choices we had narrowed it down to this year were Grand Canyon or Yellowstone. Personally, I am up for any adventure (see previous paragraph!) but Erica chose Yellowstone. I’m glad she did, actually, because by going to Wyoming we will be in the general area of my great-grandmother’s final resting place in Ten Sleep. I never had a chance to meet her, but she had an interesting life, and I hope to get to the cemetery and view in person her grave marker – a huge egg shaped boulder carved with her name. I would love to find someone who can tell me the meaning of such a headstone.

And besides the wonders of Yellowstone, we unanimously voted to see Cody, Wyoming, and Buffalo Bill’s Historical Center. Buffalo Bill created the town of Cody, a place where he could put on a show.  There is something about the frontiersman and cowboy that just piques my interest. Maybe it’s the leather and fringe – a lot like the bikers we rode with last week, and the western traditions.  My husband’s family has ties to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, a relative having been part of the road crew, so it’s in his blood too.So although I won’t be wearing my cowgirl boots, I will be deep in the west. I can’t wait.




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