Summer’s End by Linda Beeson Rosendale

lindabloggerWe’re gearing up for back to school; supplies bought and separated for each child, new backpacks and lunch boxes, medications and school forms ready and turned in. For once, I can say I’m not excited to see them go back.

Maybe it’s because of the horrific year we had last year; or that they’re older and can do more for themselves now and I’m not always “on”; or that I’m less stressed with them at home. Whatever the reason, I’ll miss them.

The fights have been sporadic this summer, but they’ve been more intense when they’ve occurred. The boredom factor was alleviated, for the most part, by Scout camp, science camp and vacation.

At Scout camp, they learned archery and to shoot slingshots; to catch and release fish; and to depend on each other and friends in various situations.

At science camp, they learned about the weather, crime scene investigations, physics, chemistry and getting along with others from diverse backgrounds.

They’ve learned to help clean house and wash dishes (woohoo!), and how to load and unload both the washer/dryer and the dishwasher. And for some strange reason, they enjoy chores! (Please let this continue through the teen years!)

I can honestly say, I’ve enjoyed my boys as unique individuals. My little scholar, who’s read; and written numerous adventures involving aliens, dragons, and imaginary worlds. My little musician, who’s put on concerts, complete with guitar and drum solos. My little engineer, who’s built elaborate creations with ease and determination. Of course, the three of them have challenged my skills at sports and fishing and snake wrangling. And frankly, they’ve challenged my patience a time or two or ten.

Patience has never been my strongest virtue. Oh, let’s be honest, I have little patience. I’ve developed it over the years out of self-preservation. Can you imagine having three children, with two being twins? Only a little over a year separating the first one and the twins? Yeah, try that with no patience! Believe me, you adapt quickly.

This morning, my youngest little guy said, “Mom, do you know what the BEST part of our summer was? Being with you!”

Good thing he didn’t ask for a pony or something, because my heart melted.


Linda Beeson Rosendale is a stay-at-home mom and blogger. She is currently working on a thriller, and collaborating with three other authors on a horror anthology. Her home is in the Midwest, where she resides with her husband and three sons. Her sarcastic wit and snarky sense of humor keep her (relatively) sane. You can follow her on Twitter @writerlinda2008, on Facebook L.B Rosendale, Author and Blogger, and her blog



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  2. I love reading this…and even relived my 2 sons growing up…and going to school…then college..then marriage..then parenthood….and it goes so fast. It is great to see the enjoyment and challenge expressed so wittingly and interesting in your blogs. Need spell check here…hope this is okay.

    By Juanita Rampy on Aug 18, 2014