Summertime by Robin Gorman Newman

Coming back from vacation is never easy…and having a bit of jet lag makes it all the harder….so pardon the conciseness of this blog post.

The day after we returned, my son started camp.  His bus pickup time is an hour earlier than school, and I’m not liking this.  It’s summer!  Both he and I would like to sleep later.  I’ve never been a morning person.

Seth’s enjoying camp so far…..he’s going to a different camp this summer…and so far, so good.  It’s not purely recreational…he’s learning things like robotics, video game development and teamwork.  All of which I applaud.  But, there is something to be said for downtime.  We had a blast on our trip….a detailed blog to follow later this month…..and I’m now in catch-up mode between unpacking, emails, mail, etc., etc. 

I must force myself to go to bed earlier.  I’m a night person…always have been…..but can’t be one when the camp bus rolls around, and Seth and I are scrambling to get out of bed and ready.

We have him signed up on weekends to attend Mathnasium for an hours/day…..math was a huge challenge for him this past year, and we’re hoping he’ll make some progress.  Additionally, we need to encourage him to read…though it’s far from his favorite thing….since they send home a summer reading wish list for the kids.

A good friend of mine has a 9 year old son who is big into sports.  He’s on a swim and baseball team…and has tons of baseball games over the summer.  And, because the weather in NY has been so rainy, some of the games have been cancelled, and makeups have resulted.  So, some days, he has more than one game…on a weekend…thus she can’t make other plans.  And, it can be hot sitting out there watching, but she wants to support her child.  Sometimes they have to even travel for a game.

As a mom… want to keep your kids busy and stimulated and encourage the pursuit of their passions….and you don’t want them to lose the skills they have acquired…..but the notion of simpler times holds a lot of appeal….especially over summer which is supposed to represent downtime.

How do you feel about kids being scheduled over summer?  What do you do to try to build in downtime?  Do you find your child embraces being super busy over summer?