The Psychic Sister…by Liimu

OK, so I’m a week late…but only those of you who are truly following along noticed that, right? And I can blame a lot on preggo brain, you know. I fully intend to milk that side effect for all it’s worth.

Okay, so we didn’t tell our kids we were pregnant until we saw the heartbeat at week 9 (though I am hard-pressed to understand how they didn’t know as I was bursting at the seams wanting to tell them and constantly dropping hints). But they didn’t. I know they didn’t, because when we finally told them they burst into such authentic screams and shrieks of joy, there’s no way they are those types of Oscar-winning actresses…yet. My 7 year old actually started to cry tears of joy.

With that in mind, there were some really weird goings on from almost the moment we found out.

The morning we found out we were preggo – my daughter wakes up and wants to tell me her dream. She is not one to regularly share her dreams, so this was weird in and of itself. She says, “I dreamed you had another kid who was saying I wasn’t your kid. He was saying HE was your kid. And I said, ‘No…I’m her kid…and Amelia (my 6-year old) is her kid and Autumn (my 3-year old) is her kid…but you? I don’t know WHO you are.” I was like, whoa. That’s weird. But whatever.

A couple weeks later, same daughter (Devon) comes home from summer camp wanting to show me some cat’s cradle type thing. I’m like, ok, whatever go ahead. She puts her hands together with string all around them, twists them around and through and tells me to pick three fingers, 1, 2, 3. I do. She says, “It’s a boy!” I’m like, “What? What’s a boy?” (At this point, remember, she still doesn’t even know we’re pregnant.) She does it THREE MORE TIMES and each time, I pick different fingers and each time, it “says” it’s a boy. Then she says to me, “How many kids do you want?” And I say, “Four.” So, she does it four times. First time, boy. Second time, girl. Third time, girl. Fourth time, girl.

Two weeks later, less than a week before we tell her the big news, she says she had a dream we had a baby boy. When we finally told her the news, I point-blank asked her if she had known or had any inkling that we were pregnant. She insisted she had no idea.

We have three girls. If I have a boy, she’s psychic. No lie.