The Sprint to Summer by Margaret Hart

The month of May was hectic in our household. Work, travel, soccer, school, dance, volunteer projects, and the celebration of a milestone and end-of-year activities for our son.

We started the month with our son making his First Holy Communion. The ceremony was beautiful and he was chosen to read a petition about the newest Saints, John the 23rd and John Paul. Afterward, we celebrated with a leisurely luncheon with family and close friends. It was one of those days when everything was just perfect.

Midway through the month, we attended the much anticipated, and sold out, show featuring all the student’s who take dance classes at the performing arts center where our son dances in a boys Hip Hop group. Along with more than 50 other acts, our son’s Hip Hop routine drew cheers from the audience.  We were proud parents. It was fun to see all the kids perform the routines they had worked so hard to perfect all year.  And one of the highlights of the show, that always draws a collective “awe” from the audience, is when the tiny ballerina’s come on stage, pirouetting in their adorable costumes.

Toward the end of the month, my son took the new standardized tests based on the Common CORE curriculum. After the first day of testing, he came home and we had a good laugh. I asked if he thought the math was easy or difficult. I got a thumbs up and a big smile. “Super easy, and dumb” he replied. And then he proceeded, in his humorous way, to give me an example: “Mike has one coat. He gives it to his friend, Alan. Alan has three coats. He wears one and gives one away. Who is taller?” You get the idea.

So with 15 days of school left, and field trips completed, the talk is all about summer vacation, and the last rites of the year:  the Field Days, and who is expected to win the 50-yard dash. As a mom, I, too, feel like I’m running in the 50-yard dash to the end of the school year:  New swim trunks, flip flops, and goggles. Check. Sunscreen and Bug spray. Check. Registered and ready for camp. Check.

As much as my son loves school, and has promised to sign up for annual summer reading challenge at the library, he is ready for summer vacation, as evidenced by last week’s writing homework assignment, which I thought I’d share (exactly as he wrote it):  “I am really exited about this summer. I have alot of things that I want to do. Here are the 3 things that I’d like to do this summer. Number 1: The first thing I’d like to do this Summer is get a new Wii U game called Mario Kart 8. But I won’t forget to read! Number 2: I really want to go to the IC “Italian Center.” They have pools, Basket Ball, and a playground. Number 3: Okay, I really want to go back to Florida. It has Disney World, Sea Discovery World, Lego Land, and even a camp when you get to stay up until 10:00 playing games. In conclusion, I really want to get Mario Kart 8, go to the IC, and go back to Florida in Summer.”


Summer here we come. Fourth grade, see you in September!

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