Theatre Blogger: Motherhood Africa: My Home: Show Review by Nancie Steinberg


(Photo credit: Hanes Juergen-Hermann)

Mother Africa: My Home is a feast for the eyes. Circus Der Sinne is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with this show. There is music, singing, exuberant dancing, gymnastics, acrobatics, juggling (with balls, tables, and humans), hula hoops, unicycle and extreme balancing acts. I couldn’t tell you want what my favorite acts were because they were all my favorite and equally entertaining.

The ensemble performs death defying, nail biting, and palm sweating acts. The dancing and choreography is excellent.

One after another the performances amaze and delight. I can say this because there is continuous clapping in praise from the audience. I looked around and saw theatregoers young and old covering their faces in awe and disbelief.  My 10 year old son, Alistair kept saying, “Oh my G-d”, “How do they do that?” and I found myself saying repeatedly, “Wow.”

They are also telling a story of life in Khayalitsha, one of the biggest townships in South Africa representative of multiple African cultures from Tanzania, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe, to South Africa and Ivory Coast. Behind all the high energy performances and dancing, colorful costumes and orchestra/band on stage, there are photos of Cape Town projected on a large screen as a backdrop. I was a bit concerned when we arrived that the theatergoers accompanying their parents and grandparents were a bit younger then my son (and he pointed that out himself), but the show is hugely appealing to all ages.  The performance concludes with lively singing and dancing which brings everyone to their feet. As an added bonus, some cast members sign autographs and take pictures with their fans after the show.

africa2Mother Africa: My Home is Co-Directed by Winston Ruddle and Ulrich Thon. The creative team includes dance choreographers Simon Nene, Clive Madlala and Noluyanda Mqulwana; assistant trainers Gombragchaa Ianjmaa and Rajubu Nasoro Zubwa; costume designers Tsendbyamba Erdeneshoo and Tumaini Baraka Mrutu; and the set designer Eddy Frühwirth with stage imagery by Ginger Wensky. It was created and produced by Winston Ruddle and Hubert Schober.

The show is at Manhattan’s New Victory Theater at 209 West 42nd Street through Sunday, January 1. The production is one hour and 45 minutes with a 15-minute intermission. Tickets are available through the website or calling Ticket services at 646-223-3010.