Top Baby Girl Outfit Trends for 2019 by Lisa King

I remember growing up in a household where my mother viewed fashion as whatever hand me down I was given. I rarely looked cool or in trend. Today, as a mom myself, I enjoy keeping up with the latest styles and having fun dressing my young daughter in clothes that are in vogue.

Not sure which pieces of apparel and accessories you should have in her wardrobe?  Here are the top baby girl outfit trends for 2019.

Winter Trends

Winter weather brings lots of cozy styles to your little fashionista. Some of the biggest trends include clean looking cuts and basic neutral tones like shades of white, tan, brown, grey, and the chambray look.

You’ll notice that little girls are getting layered up in knits, sleeveless sweater vests, and soft gray toned pants (all worn together!). Fresh remakes of the denim skirt are popping up, featuring fringe detailing at the hemline, or even layered ruffles. This looks ultra-adorable when paired with ribbed, off white leggings and fabric flats. Cheeky graphic prints are also making an appearance on oversized sweatshirts (“I still live with my parents”), and mini infinity scarves seem to be a popular accessory.

Spring Trends

In the season of green, blue is everything. Royal blue, pastel blue, and denim blue are colors you are going to see everywhere. As far as design goes for girls, look for trends that mimic adult designs. Look for ruffled tanks and tees that have a peek-a-boo lower back. Watch for long jumpsuits, and fun and fresh graphic prints. Rain boots are also being worn regularly by little girls, and not just on super rainy days!

Babies are donning pretty blue layettes-many of which have nautical inspired stripes and soft floral prints and patterns. Wrap headbands seem to be the “it” thing to do on babies, leaving stretchy headbands a thing of the past. Here’s some examples of outfit trends for 2019 –

Summer Trends

Summer 2019 is all about desert inspired prints, patterns, and colors for girls. This includes neutrals that keep you looking and feeling cool. Look for dusty tans, coral colors, shades of green and light grey. Cute graphic tees that boast sassy sayings (“I’m a feminist too”) will be popping up. You’ll see cool cactus prints, and oversized straw hats. Also keep your eyes peeled for long, cuffed Bermuda shorts with nature-inspired elements, like a braided rope belt and cargo strap details.

You’ll notice that girls’ tops are still glorifying a tie front feature and open style kimonos, which can be worn with denim shorts, or as a bathing suit cover up. Keeping with the desert inspired trend, you’ll see lot of nature inspired prints, patterns, and elements (like straw bags).

Pom poms and other sweet and demure detailing also pop up on a number of clothing items and accessories. When it comes to sunglasses, aviators remain king!

Fall Trends

Fall 2019 will be celebrating the vibe, “Live more, worry less,” with its casual clothing. Girls will be doning basic black and white stripes and adorable, slip on booties. Leggings are still ultra-popular, but in muted, opaque shades (no more bright and bold designs). Ruffles aren’t going away anytime soon, and you will see basic sweatshirts, which have gotten an overhaul, making them more streamlined and decorated with front pockets.

Watch for a lot of black, white, grey, and silver for a change. Expect lace up motorcycle boots to make a huge comeback, and you’ll note that your girl’s sweet and demure denim will become dark, edgy, and distressed.

Prints will veer away from feminine and floral, and will take on a more nature/wildlife inspired pattern.  Woodland animals, teepees, and even deer will be pictured, offering an almost gender neutral style option.


Styles come and go.  As a mom, you barely have time to brush your teeth, let alone keep up with what’s current. Shopping should be fun, so hopefully this short guide will help you keep the latest and emerging fashion trends on your radar when shopping in stores and online.