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slimsationIntroducing SlimSation, the hybrid pant that combines comfort, trend and function all in one. Ideal for the newly pregnant woman or those who are post pregnancy, SlimSation contours the waist, slims the lower tummy and shapes the hips in various silhouettes and sizes ranging from 2-24W.

As a new product launched by parent company Multiples, the unique design revamps the traditional pant or jean. Designed by John Bourgeois, SlimSation fills the void for the comfy yet trendy pant in the women’s wear market and provides a staple wardrobe piece at an affordable price.

Using a resilient fabric with great stretch and wash/wear, SlimSation allows for a comfortable “go-to” pant that can be worn from day to night. 

I had the opportunity to sample a pair, and they live up to the description.  It gives you a gentle hold, and is comfortable for all day wear and easy to get on ‘n off.  It’s a nice alternative to leggings, and a step up from jeans.  Check them out at



Silver Ball Necklace

With full-time jobs and a combined 9 children between them, Pearl & Clasp co-founders and neighbors Tara and Sari saw firsthand that women need to look stylish, even if they don’t have unlimited funds or time to shop.  Pearl & Clasp was born from the need for busy women to get unique jewelry and professional jewelry repairs without wasting valuable time or overspending at their local boutique jewelry store.   To meet these needs, Tara and Sari partnered with an experienced jeweler in New York’s Diamond District to provide restringing and jewelry repair services to women nationwide. 

At Pearl & Clasp, women can send in their pearls for restringing and have them delivered back to their door via FedEx or USPS.  By opting for a practical workroom and a website-based business instead of an expensive storefront, Pearl & Clasp keeps its costs low and its quality high, making expert pearl restringing services and quality pearl jewelry with unique designs available to women in every state at the most affordable prices. 

Aside from repair work, they sell some lovely baubles from pearls to diamonds.  I had the opportunity to check out the pictured necklace.  It is sterling silver, 18″ chain, and features a silver ball made out of cubic zirconium.  It a great delicate piece suitable for everyday wear, and special occasions.  And, you’d never know it’s not gold/diamonds. 

They offer free shopping over $75….and 14 to 30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed. Most orders ship within 3 – 5 business days

Order by Phone:  1-800-208-1097 or visit their site


 dermasportSBR SPORTS INC, the leading manufacturer of high performance athletic personal care products such as TRISWIM, FOGGIES and TRISLIDE, has developed another innovative product called DERMASPORT.  This new skincare line specifically addresses the facial skincare needs of athletes and those with active lifestyles.

Most people do not take into consideration that when working out, playing a sport or just leading active lifestyles, their skin deals with the elements of salt, sweat, wind, heat, sun and chlorine.  These elements throw off the natural and all important pH balance of the epidermis causing uneven, dry or excessively oily skin. 

DERMASPORT combines advanced skincare technology with a powerful blend of natural ingredients and a light citrus based scent.  The premiere collection includes: Athletic Face Wash (for oily, normal and dry skin), Athletic Clarifying Toner Mist, Age Defense Moisturizer and the Multi Tasking Eye Cream….each formulated to restore the skin’s pH balance, cleanse, clarify and nourish. 

DERMASPORT not only repairs the skin’s natural barrier function, but restores delicate facial skin by neutralizing free radicals and accelerating cell turnover.  The ingredients are also easily absorbed into the skin enabling them to promote cellular renewal and most importantly restore your skins natural pH balance.  Visit 

I’m a skincare junkie, and  had the opportunity to try a kit of four products, and I loved the ease of use and feel.  The plastic pumps are lightweight and portable, and they come in a neat package.  I generally just use soap on my face, but the Athletic Face Wash, with a gel-like consistency, felt really good and made my skin feel tighter. The Athletic Clarifying Toner Mist was soothing.  The Age Defense Moisturizer was light, yet creamy, and did the job.  And, the Multi-Tasking Eye Cream was on the silky side, which I really liked.

The ingredients in this product line are great, and I’d defiinitely continue to use!



Note: Thanks to the featured companies for supplying product samples.


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