Trips for Two by Sharon O’Donnell

One of the things about being an older mom with a child considerable younger than his/her siblings, is that you inevitably begin to spend more time one-on-one with that youngest child as time passes and the siblings get older. When my two oldest sons were in college, I found myself eating out or going to movies very often with my youngest son, their little brother who was nine and six years older than them. And since I held my youngest back a year in school because he has an August birthday, there is a decade gap in school between my oldest and youngest. My oldest was a college freshman in 2009, while my ‘baby’ just started his first year a few weeks ago. That’s a lot of time in between. An age-gap baby indeed.

But I’ve so enjoyed my one-on-one time with my son, which was frequent, especially when my husband travels a lot. What I’ve enjoyed most are the trips that my youngest and I have gone on together. Several weeks before he went off the college two and a half hours away, Jason and I went to Chicago together — just the two of us. I loved it, and I think he did, too. I was so grateful for the time together before he left for college. Yes, sometimes it’s challenging to be an ‘older’ mom, but most of the time it’s so incredibly rewarding.


With Jason and our dog, Fenway, on the day we left Jason at college

Jason & me in at Wrigley Field in front of the famous ivy-covered wall

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