fitfit FitFit is a line of high performance Brazilian-made, Austin-based active apparel.

FitFit’s versatile and flattering leggings come in vibrant designs.  Created by yoga lover and entrepreneur Joy Torres in 2013, FitFit embodies the warm and vibrant colors of her native Brazilian culture. Now based in Austin, she hand picks each of the prints, which are created in limited quantity. All of the items can be ordered through the website: http://www.fitfitactive.com/.

These are so striking.  The fabric is silky, and the fit very sleek and comfortable.  If you want to stand out in the crowd at the gym, these rock!  You’ll also look hip wearing them with a big top, as you go about your day.

Product Details:

  • Stretch, Fade-Resistant & Breathable
  • Fast Drying ** essential when it comes to active wear.
  • Sizes XS-L; leggings, cropped pants, shorts, bras & tops



 100 Good Deeds Bracelets  are a unique ‘gift that gives back’. Available in a range of colors, the bracelets are both charitable and fashionable and have been spotted on the wrists of celebrity ambassadors including Alicia Keys, Katie Holmes, Susan Sarandon, Namoi Watts, Cyndi Lauper, and more.

Mary Fisher (artist, author, advocate) works with at-risk women in Africa and worldwide, designing jewelry made by the women to earn a dignified livelihood, and launched the 100 Good Deeds Bracelet, a handcrafted collection symbolizing a commitment to perform good deeds and bring about positive change. The hand-braided wrap bracelets are strung with 100 glass beads and a rubber ring that is moved 1 bead towards the button closure each time an anonymous good deed is performed.

Priced at $30 each with 100% of proceeds reinvested in the program, the project provides a means for women to support their families through earnings while inspiring good deeds worldwide.  

These are so colorful (lots to choose from) and cool!  And, who wouldn’t want to be reminded, if you need reminding, of the tremendous need to do good in the world.  What goes around, comes around, and these literally go around your wrist, and look great as they motivate.  They are Unisex.

GIVEAWAY: Thanks to 100 Good Deeds Bracelet, MotherhoodLater.com is giving one away to a lucky winner.  To enter, write robin@motherhoodlater.com.  Put GOOD DEEDS GIVEAWAY in the Subject Line.  Tell me why you’d like to win the bracelet and what good deeds you have done of late.  Winner will be notified via email and sent a bracelet.



fitdeckSTRENGTH STACK 52 — The “Game of Fit” was created by a former soldier, Michael Volkin, whose job was to keep the men in his company fit while serving in Iraq after 911 (he joined the military 3 days after the planes hit). With no equipment to be had, Michael had to get creative. So he created moves that didn’t require anything but the human body, some grit, and a lot of determination.

Each card features:

●      A fitness move and a description of how to do it

●      A smartphone compatible QR code that – when scanned – leads to a 5-8 second video of that particular move

●      The amount of reps or time at which the move needs to be performed

●      The skill level (B for beginner, I for intermediate, A for advanced)

●      The value number of the move (the higher the number, the harder the move)

●      Color coding to denote the part of the body the exercise focuses on (i.e. red is for core, blue is for cardio, etc.)

●      Traditional heart, diamonds, spades and clovers, so you can use the deck to play any game of cards

You can use the cards to play your favorite traditional card games, make up your own games, or play some Strength Stack 52 customized games available to all on their website! Either way, you’ll be able to say that playing card games helped you lose weight and gain muscle! 

Strength Stack 52 is the ultimate stocking stuffer for the fitness enthusiasts in your life. It’s also great for busy working people who work long hours or travel a lot, because all they need to do is take their cards with them wherever they go. And wherever they go, no matter the time zone, they can get a workout in.

This is such a clever idea, and while I go to a gym, I love that these cards make it easy at home to get in some moves, and it’s more “fun” because I just draw a card randomly from the stack and do the move.

To check them out, visit http://strength.stack52.com/.



From Belli Skincare (www.belliskincare.com), four products whose ingredients have been safety screened for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. (They’re also free of artificial fragrances and dyes, phthalates and paraben preservatives.)   They include:

  • Eye Brightening Cream — A Vitamin K enriched eye cream that revives and illuminates tired eyes, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines.  I had the opportunity to try this product, and I liked the feel and effect.  It goes on smooth, using a convenient pump, and it hydrates without feeling greasy or too thick.
  • Pure & Pampered Body Wash – A pure and balanced cleanser for the entire body that leaves skin hydrated and silky, never tight or dry.
  • All Day Moisture Lotion – A luxurious, deeply moisturizing cream featuring uplifting lemon oil and soothing chamomile.
  • Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator — A daily moisturizer rich in botanical humectants and antioxidants.


Schwinn Biking GameTHE SCHWINN BIKING GAME —  Education Outdoors has captured the exhilaration of peddling away on a speeding bike in its new board game, The Schwinn Biking Game, where players race around the board striving to be the first cyclist back to their parking spot and the winner of the game.

Created to entertain players of all ages, The Schwinn Biking Game, begins with the roll of the die after each player has chosen his bike. Players advance their pieces the number of spaces on the board correlating to the die. Depending on what space a player lands on, several outcomes can occur. If a player’s roll lands on a red trail circle, his turn ends for that round. If his bike lands on a Schwinn Bike Shop square, the player immediately moves his piece to the bike shop and reads a Fun Fact card aloud, ending his turn. If his bike comes to a stop on a yellow trail circle, he must answer one of the Biking Game questions.

Each Biking Game question card features four questions at different levels of difficulty. Young players will answer the easiest Level 1 question, while adults and bicycling experts can answer Level 4 questions making the game challenging for everyone playing. Questions range from identifying parts of a bike, to bicycling history and true/false statements. If a player answers his Biking Game question correctly he earns another roll of the die. If an incorrect answer is given, the player’s turn ends. There are also Biking Game question cards that ask a player to share a story about a bicycling experience.

Players have the opportunity to take a shortcut on the biking trail as they near the end of the game, but the path can only be entered if the player is holding a card with a picture of Schwinn Off-Road tires on it when he lands on the entrance to the path. Players can earn an Off-Road tire card by correctly answering a question from a Biking Game card emblazoned with the Off-Road tire image. But, only one player can possess an Off-Road tire card at a time, so the first player to reach the shortcut through the woods with the card in his hand is the only player who can shorten his trip back to his parking spot that round. The first player to reach his parking spot is the winner of the game.

The Schwinn Biking Game is suitable for players ages 4 and up. It can be played with 2-8 players and retails for $24.99.  For more information, visit www.educationoutdoors.net.  This is a totally cool game for anyone who enjoys bike riding.  My son had a good time, and I enjoyed playing with him.


peepocketTHE PEE POCKETTM  — I just had to check this out when I heard about it.  It’s a female urinary device is ideal for athletes, travelers, the elderly, disabled, pregnancy, parents of young girls, post-surgery patients – any woman who might have to go while on the go; active women who enjoy the outdoors, sports, music festivals, camping, hiking, biking, traveling, etc.  It fits easily into a purse or backpack and is convenient for germ-conscious women who don’t have access to a sit-down toilet or who don’t want to use unfit facilities.          

THE PEE POCKETTM  is a single use, waterproof disposable funnel allowing women to pee while standing. It includes a  hygienic tissue wipe and disposable bag.   It was created by team of doctors who were fed up with the mess after taking their young daughters to unfit facilities.          

I can definitely see the benefit of these, for example, if you go to a big fair where there are those typically gross port-a pottys.  Doesn’t hurt to tuck a couple in your handbag or even glove compartment.  They were easy to use, and ya never know when one might come in handy.

THE PEE POCKETTM  comes in single pockets for $1.75 or three packs for $4.95.  For more information, visit http://www.thepeepocket.com


Note: Thanks to featured companies for providing product samples.


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  2. I have been looking for a product like Pee Pocket for a long time! Hiking with Boy Scout troops makes peeing in the woods difficult for a women. This product would make peeing so much more discreet than squatting behind a tree!!

    By Karen Glennan-West on Jan 16, 2015