Valentine’s Day Goodies for the Men in Your Life by Robin Gorman Newman

Periodically I like to review new products that come to my attention…..and with Valentine’s Day approaching, I wanted to share a cool, edible, gift idea. If you are like me, it can be challenging to figure out what to give the men in my life….so this caught my eye…..

Jerky isn’t something we keep in the house regularly, so it was a novelty treat to be offered the opportunity to sample something from this company.  We were sent the Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet, and it made an instant impression when it arrived today.  My teen son, a huge jerky fan, was highly amused by the unique presentation….and loves the keepsake glass. He nibbled on some of the jerky…..the hot was definitely hot….so he preferred the other flavors.  He doesn’t want to eat it too quickly, as it’s serving as cool decor on the desk in his room, as he attends his classes fully remote.  I know what he’ll be snacking on, when he’s doing his Zoom studies!  My husband got a quick taste, but my son quickly took ownership of it.

Each bouquet’s “vase” is a Manly Man pint glass and is pre-arranged, sealed and packaged fresh with oxygen absorbers in a stylish branded box. Their custom package design allows the bouquet to be delivered fully assembled and easily slide out to provide an impressionable gifting experience.

Full Dozen

  • Manly Man Pint Glass “Vase”
  • 4 Flavors: Original, Teriyaki, Hot, Mixed
  • Arrives Assembled
  • Slides Out of Custom Box

**Petals are made with 100% beef. Stem sections are made from a mouthwatering blend of beef, pork, and spices.


The company is a veteran-owned, small business located in Southern California, and they offer jerky gifts baskets and more.

From their website….

The idea for the Manly Man Company® came to Greg Murray after a conversation with his wife Jacquie, for whom he had recently bought a bouquet of flowers: Why isn’t there a gift for men that’s equivalent to flowers? Yes, you can buy men flowers, but the practice isn’t what you might call commonplace. The couple speculated that a bouquet of beef jerky might be the perfect stand-in. Soon after his wife surprised Greg with the very first iteration of what is now called “Man Bouquets”— sticks and sheets of jerky carved into the shape of flowers and roses that are presented inside a pint glass or beer mug “vase”.

After the Murray’s discovered man bouquets were the perfect solution for the dilemma of what to get “him” for Valentine’s Day, during their first week in operation, Greg called a high school friend he also knew from Marine Corps— Ben Wynkoop, to join him and Jacquie as the third Co-Founder, and the company was born.



Note: While we were gifted the jerky, our opinions are our own.


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