Wendy Sue Noah

wendysuenoahheadshotI was so busy being busy and doing life, that I did not have children (or marriage) on my To Do list in my 20’s! Yet, after launching Match.Com and going through the major ups and disastrous downs of the dot com days, I settled down and got married. We married to “serve” God, which also meant no birth control, and we were blessed with five beautiful children! Then, their father threw me out on the street and took the kids away. So, as a Polar Bear mom, I fought for custody, received such, and am now raising my tribe of five single-handedly, with tremendous gratitude and unconditional love. Oh, yeah. I also wrote a memoir about my unimaginable story. It’s called “Real Eyes Faith” (get the double entendre here, “real eyes” and “realize”?!).

As a start-up maniac, I’ve started my own business so that I can be there for my kids in every way, including financially. I’m focused on raising the vibration of the planet through social media and conscientious clients. Check out my site at www.WendySueNoah.com.